Redamancy | ✓ by lovelyness-
Redamancy | ✓by ❄️
[ COMPLETED ] . All seems to be going perfectly well in the young and assertive life of Rory Anderson. But, like every point in a teenagers life, things begin to fall a...
  • secret
  • loving
  • girly
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Business Contract (Completed) by veronicasoli
Business Contract (Completed)by Veronica
Could love ever be a part of an arranged marriage? Eleanor Hays never chose to be a part of her parent's silly business, but somehow she got caught in the middle. With...
  • college
  • integrity
  • honeymoon
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Unexpected night by sosobts
Unexpected nightby sosobts
Pete is tired that Can and Tin can't get along so he decided to make a plan with Ae to help them becoming friends. based on the character from the novel my accidental lo...
  • bl
  • yaoi
  • mean
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Love By Chance (Itsy Bitsy) by KiraKiraSparkle
Love By Chance (Itsy Bitsy)by 烁烁火花
  • lovebychancetheseries
  • plan
  • mean
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2Hearts! TinCan by itsrighthere
2Hearts! TinCanby itsrighthere
This is a love story about #tincan Original characters belongs to My Accidental Love Is You written by MAME
  • lovebychanceseries
  • mingkit
  • aepete
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Bitter Sweet by pluto-chan
Bitter Sweetby pluto-chan
"Tin is so in love with Can. No one can ever deny that. The whole university they are studying at knows about them. Tin make sure of that tho." ****** MeanPla...
  • plan
  • lovebychance
  • tincan
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Mission #1: Nerd In Disguise by diamondzeeu
Mission #1: Nerd In Disguiseby cath ~
[ Mission #1: Nerd In Disguise ] She's a badass. A Mafia Princess A rebellion A beautiful nightmare for everyone. But what If... All of it turn into a nerd? Looks pitifu...
  • ramirez
  • blackpink
  • jennie
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I Kissed A Boy [ongoing] by lexiedensy
I Kissed A Boy [ongoing]by Lexie
Excerpt: "I used to be straight." Pete says. "Until I met him." -- One drastic party night, a few drinks, and a kiss can change an entire life. Updat...
  • perthsaint
  • mean
  • teenromance
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Amending The Fate ( RagSan FF) || On HOLD by PurpleGirlPonnu
Amending The Fate ( RagSan FF) || Tamizhachi
Ragini had turned into evil, she pushed Swara in the pool and acted as if she is an innocent. Sanskar felt he is responsible for Ragini's doing. So will he change her? ...
  • newadultfiction
  • ragsan
  • wattys2017
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The She-Wolf in Hiding by parishkay
The She-Wolf in Hidingby Kenni
"But darling, do you know who I am?" "You're mine." ---- She-wolves don't exists anymore according to werewolves, but I know the truth. Im a she-wolf...
  • mate
  • pups
  • alpha
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Operation Klance! (A Voltron/Klance Fanfic) (Re-uploaded) by KittenLoverHTH
Operation Klance! (A Voltron/ Knows_All_Ships_All
After a bonding moment between Lance and Keith, the Voltron crew (minus Keith and Lance), led by the great Pidge, sets to work on Operation Klance, a plan to get Lance a...
  • keith
  • kittenlover
  • random
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XJ → Harry Hook ✔ by abouttoexpplode
XJ → Harry Hook ✔by Top of the mornin'
Shan Yu could be argued to be the cruelest villain of all time. Maleficent terrorized a kingdom, never really killing anyone; Jafar did nothing more than pull the string...
  • villains
  • love
  • mal
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Crumble by Aria_Blossom
Crumbleby Aria_Blossom
Alpha Elijah of Graceful at age 30, still hasn't found his mate. After his last failed efforts at The Spark, he books a hotel for one, drinks until he's drunk and takes...
  • city
  • youngmom
  • plan
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Shivika - pyaar pe yakeen ho jaane do ✔Completed by ariba25
Shivika - pyaar pe yakeen ho Areeba Fatma
This story is all about shivika and the Jealousy. In marriage two peoples who truely love each other should confess their feeling to each other every time. But.. when t...
  • friendship
  • happiness
  • brothers
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Love Fiction [BxB] [love by chance fanfic] by __un_known__
Love Fiction [BxB] [love by
Plan, a simple writer, popular and handsome and yet... He. Has. No. Love. Life. Struggling to find love for so many years until he met someone. A guy he just saw for the...
  • bl
  • plan
  • can
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I Was Made For Loving You - MeanPlan (BoyxBoy) by PotatoPrince
I Was Made For Loving You - Keanumoto
Two people are destined for each other and meet at unexpected place. Plan is an ordinary guy who wants to live through his life, bartending and trying to finish college...
  • potatoprince
  • tincan
  • chance
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The Hot Girl Called Mommy by luvitgirl
The Hot Girl Called Mommyby Alisha
Alissa's mother passed away. Her dad, who abused her, was scared off by her older brother. She is starting 11th Grade now after not attending school for tenth grade (she...
  • hug
  • its
  • impossible
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Will You Catch Me If I Fall by LovelyClang
Will You Catch Me If I Fallby cosima
Si Beatrix Callahan ay lumaki sa pamilyang hindi katulad ng iba na mayroon marangyang buhay, kuntento sya sa kung ano meron at kung ano ang natatanggap nila sa pangaraw...
  • aldric
  • lovelyclang
  • completed
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Swasan- His Love Her Strength (Complete) by ridhi_gupta
Swasan- His Love Her Strength ( ridhi_gupta
Highest Rank in Fanfiction. #23 on 04.06.2017 #27 on 03.06.2017 #32 on 01.06.2017 #37 on 05.05.2017 #41 on 25.04.2017 #45 on 24.04.2017 #49 on 21.04.2015 #59 on 18.04.20...
  • love
  • romance
  • heartbreak
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The Identity Plan | ✓ by donutized
The Identity Plan | ✓by Maili
What if you were given the opportunity to escape? To change your life forever? What if you were told you could be somebody completely new? After one of the most embarras...
  • teenfiction
  • thegoldenawards
  • humor
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