I couldn't believe my mind.

It's been two weeks exactly since Ryan and I celebrated our year anniversary.

And now..........were going to see my favorite band in the world!

The Wanted.

I listen to them constantly he finds them annoying after a while, but he knows I love them, so he just listens to them anyway.

I find it very sweet that he's going to suffer 2 hours of listening to them and being in the same room as them. That's how I know he really cares.

I just can't believe it........tonight's the night!

I had to get everything ready, the show was at 8 at the Staples Center.

I had to consider the fact that it's L.A., and we'd be in an arena, I'm assuming to dress light.

I finally picked out my outfit, I layed out on my bed the final outfit to see how it looked together.

I first layed out my ripped jean shorts, then obviously I was going to wear my Nathan shirt.

It was still a little big, so I will probably tie the back of it.

I looked at it one final time before getting ready.

"Perfect" I mouthed because that's exactly what it was!

After exactly ironing the final curl, I heard a knock at the door.

It was Ryan.

I kissed him and he took my hand.

"Ready to go?"

"More than ready."

"It sure looks like it!"

I giggled.

It was perfect timing, right when the car started, The Wanted came on. 

I turned it up all the way, Ryan should've seen it coming.

Then after the song was over, before we knew it, we were there.

We hopped out of the car, got into the building, and moments later I saw The Wanted running across the stage.

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