"Here you can have my number. For not being one of those psychotic fans. Your your...different. I like different."

"Really? Thanks! But I have no paper."

"We could use your arm.....that is if you want."

"Um.......sure since this is Nathan James Sykes. I still can't believe that your here. If I told my boyfriend he wouldn't believe me in a million years!"


My heart dropped.

Of course she has a boyfriend.

How could a beautiful girl like her not be alone.

I just hope this boyfriend of hers treats her right! 

"Oh you have a......boyfriend. How long have you guys been together?"

"Two weeks ago it was our one year anniversary."

"He must be one special guy then......"

I realized after that, that her number was now written on her arm.

I kept checking it over and over again, just making sure I didn't mess up.

I didn't, thank goodness!

"Well I should probably go......"  Dreading because I didn't want to.

"Yeah I should too. I gotta go find Ryan. Well thanks for saying HI it REALLY means the world to me!"

"No probably babe. I was glad to do it."

I gave her one final hug, I looked back again and then just like that........she was gone.

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