Okay listen up!!! This goes out to some of you.... This message is for the REAL TWFanmily members and also the other 'fans'. Nathan has been getting alot of hate this week. It's about his relationship rumors with Dionne If you watched their web cam earlier this week someone asked him if they were dating and he denied it. Which for some of you means HES NOT DATING ANYONE. But it's like you just don't care what he says because your still being rude. I don't care if you think I'm being mean but all I'm saying is.... if you really cared about Nathan, you wouldn't be listening to the rumors and you wouldn't be saying rude stuff to him either. So now that you know the truth... if you really do care about him, then STOP! It's pointless and ridiculous and Nathan's just getting hurt by it. So if you care, then you would stop. Thank you! And if you are offended I don't care because it's the truth I'm just defending him. So if you stop reading that's okay I just wanted to point that out there.... and if you are awesome, I also updated so click the next button. Thanks!

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