"Nice job boys! With all the success you had, your going on tour in the U.S.! "

Our manager said.

This was a BIG accomplishment. It was an accomplishment becoming famous in the first place, but in the U.S.?!?!?! It was unbelievable. 

It's amazing being a famous teenager! 

I always wanted to be a famous singer and I'm glad I finally get to share it with the world and good friends I've met along the way.

My band mates are, Max, Tom, Siva, and Jay.

Oh yeah. And me Nathan James Sykes.

I did finish school, but I'm not going to college. I wouldn't need to because of what I have!

We all hugged each other congratulating each other. We all grew up in England (except Siva) and speaking for all of us, I think this has ALWAYS been a dream of ours.

"Good job Nate! I know we have been messing with you and I'm glad you stayed with us for this long!" Max was saying to me.

I guess if you necessarily had a 'band leader' people usually suspect its always Max.

But we aren't like that. We work together and that way we take the credit.

"Our first stop is going to be a huge city! L.A.! So don't screw it up!"

Our manager was joking. But this seriously was a big deal, for all of us!

These moments in our lives are very important! It could make or break our careers.

We gotta focus more that ever! That means, no distractions.

Good thing all of us are single at the moment. Or we'd be in big trouble!

I have had girlfriends in my past, before I was famous.

I wouldn't be interested in dating celebrities. I think they can be full of themselves sometimes. I like quiet, down to earth girls, I just haven't found her yet.

I'm not really interested in finding anyone. My love is music.

That's how it's going to stay.

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