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A Hundred And One Excuses For Why Our Love Never Lasted by ronnie-reeves
A Hundred And One Excuses For Why...by ʀ ᴏ ɴ ɴ ɪ ᴇ
All the reason why you and I just shouldn't be. HR: #33 in Poetry - 25.12.17
  • poetry
  • life
  • broken
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The Fourth Roommate by Jinxjinx
The Fourth Roommateby Jinxjinx
"They were like three half-naked supermodels with bedhair and matching movie star grins. What did I get myself into...?." Serena Jones an eighteen year old gra...
  • sadness
  • arguement
  • visitor
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Trying to impress Matt by xxitunes22
Trying to impress Mattby xxitunes22
Rain is desperate for Matt to see her as something more than his best friends little sister. Though, she would never admit that to anyone. However, what happens when Mat...
  • dan
  • shirt
  • car
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Detailed individual Rp (Open For The Public Now) by Damian_luciferion
Detailed individual Rp (Open For T...by Damian Luciferion
This a Rp for female ocs, follow the rules, and we will have a good time
  • invite
  • uwu
  • damian
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My Dog Ate my Homework by BeesCre8iveCreations
My Dog Ate my Homeworkby BeesCre8iveCreations
"My dog ate my homework." It's an age-old excuse. But what happens when your dog really did eat your homework, and no one believes you? Or the crazy story that...
  • mydogatemyhomework
  • dog
  • oneshot
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Hard To Forget.™ by MBCrazy1
Hard To Forget.™by Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen.
The last we heard of Destiny, she was left crying behind her school building and pregnant, while Trey was going to Julliard, a performing arts school in New York, to pur...
  • snow
  • marvins
  • seducing
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★ Shitposting: MINECRAFT EDITION!! ★ by Applekinz
★ Shitposting: MINECRAFT EDITION...by _insomnia_❤️
Shitposting the SIXTH??? I think???? Yeah. So! This is where I post my junk yeeehaaawwww. Here I draw and make really vague posts about my feelings! So that's neat...
  • excuse
  • shitposting
Howl Silently My Love by dandan101
Howl Silently My Loveby Danielle
On the night of the harvest moon the Crimson Maire Pack was destroyed by the rivalling Cerulean Mist. Or atleast that's what was believed until Damen, the new leader of...
  • bitten
  • howl
  • birth
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Avenger's Memes by owo_misfitz
Avenger's Memesby Amber
I just need an excuse to use this computer
  • avengers
  • excuse
  • memes
 Good Rwby ocs by Damian_luciferion
Good Rwby ocsby Damian Luciferion
nuff said
  • fluff
  • good
  • ocs
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excuses for self harm scars... by StealYourBitch
excuses for self harm scars...by I want Eggos 🍳
You read the title....yep...some are serious some aren't
  • selfharm
  • harm
  • business
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The Big Book of Lies by deeniie
The Big Book of Liesby deenie
lists of lies and excuses. maybe lying isn't always the best thing, but sometimes it's just necessary ;)
  • excuses
  • pinocchio
  • bigbook
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The Cheetah Girls 2: Secrets by EllaAmor
The Cheetah Girls 2: Secretsby MC_RavenFan
Galleria is hiding something from the Cheetah Girls what could it be? It's more than just dating the jerk who hurt her. More secrets comes in later on in the story. They...
  • suicide
  • secrets
  • relief
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50 Excuses For Not Doing Homework. by Leafspots
50 Excuses For Not Doing Homework.by Inactive lmao
Book 3 of the 50 series "I caught a cold, then, I got a fever, then I had the measels, then I had the chicken pox, then I got ebola" -Excuse # 2 I hope you guy...
  • fifty
  • humor
  • homework
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Unmarked Scars: Psychological and Sexual Abuse by klmorrillauthor
Unmarked Scars: Psychological and...by K.L. Morrill
In a world where abuse is widely seen as physical bruises, many forget about psychological and sexual abuse. Not knowing the warning signs, hundreds of people live in th...
  • test
  • booklet
  • violation
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101 way to avoid people by Fashion4wardFangirl
101 way to avoid peopleby I want a SugaKookie!
Whether it's in school, at home or in a grocery store and because your shy or maybe you just don't like people (don't worry I don't either) this is a book filled with re...
  • excuses
  • avoidpeople
  • reasons
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50 Excuses for Being Late for Class by Leafspots
50 Excuses for Being Late for Classby Inactive lmao
Book 6 of the 50 Series Teacher: Why are you late? You: Uhh...
  • school
  • excuse
  • running
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Everyday fangirl/life problems by suga_babygirl_101
Everyday fangirl/life problemsby Yoongi is bae
Some of your everyday life problems, or your fangirl problems
  • got7
  • exo
  • otherkpopgroups
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100 Things You Should Know About Writing (Part 2) by MishaMFB
100 Things You Should Know About W...by Misha Gerrick
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Part 2 of 100 Things. For those of you who've missed Part 1 (mainly dealing with the creation and sustaining of tension), you can find i...
  • doubts
  • wattys2015
  • insecurities
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The Perfect Date #PerfectDate by nerminalili
The Perfect Date #PerfectDateby narimane
This letter is for the contest of the perfect date. I hope you enjoy it...
  • car
  • heartbreak
  • distannce
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