A Second Chance [COMPLETED] by joymoment
A Second Chance [COMPLETED]by Joy
"Hands down one of the best books I've read on Wattpad! I absolutely love this story! ❤" - DilettanteAmateur Lennon opened her apartment door to find Kade stan...
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Jonahs not so Little Sister//Why Don't We fanfic by girl_manda
Jonahs not so Little Sister//Why girl_manda
*FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES* Zoey Marais is a youtuber and instagram model. And yes, she is Jonah Marais's little sister. They move out to LA for a band Jonah is a part of...
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the agreement. / zion kuwonu by Heygabwab
the agreement. / zion kuwonuby g.
Elliot packs up her entire life and moves to California to pursue her career of making music. Once she arrives she meets a group of boys. These boys Prettymuch change he...
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3:15 ⇄ ZION KUWONU¹by ㅤ
in which ex lovers reconnect and reminisce over the memories they shared together in high school. BOOK ONE. PLOT BY BABYBAZZI © COVER BY -YOURSTRULYHER
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The Project // Daniel Seavey Fanfic  by mywhydontwe
The Project // Daniel Seavey WHYDONTWE_WIFEY
First day of school for Daniel Seavey. He was greeted by the students, they're nice, he immediately gets new friends, and he already got so popular for his first day . I...
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The Heartbreak Chronicles by Fallzswimmer
The Heartbreak Chroniclesby Ali Novak
Oliver, Alec, Xander, and JJ are just four regular guys. They're also members of the world famous band the Heartbreakers. This is their story.
  • relationship
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The Babysitter//Zach Herron by euphoriczach
The Babysitter//Zach Herronby avery | wdw
When a girl moved next door to the Herron family and began babysitting for Reese, she quickly realizes that Zach is more than a friend. Will their relationship persevere...
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When Love Takes Over - Rykey (boyxboy) by jackdiffsduck
When Love Takes Over - Rykey ( Andy Fowler
Mikey and Rye have always had feelings for each other. Though they'd never felt the need to address those feelings, especially since Rye left to join some new band. The...
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Yoonmin Smuts by mochi_jordan
Yoonmin Smutsby Mochi Jordan
❝Why are you're lips so cold?❞ ❝I don't know baby, why don't you warm them up?❞
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Him -- II ✔ And III by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Him -- II ✔ And IIIby Scarlett Daisy
He was not my sunshine. He was the solar flare. All the fires of hell. He set me ablaze and watched me burn, turned my heart to ashes, and singed a hole in my soul so de...
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social media ✘ brandon arreaga by litangeles
social media ✘ brandon arreagaby litangeles
" your eyes stole all my words away " brandon arreaga ✘ social media + real life
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A Digit Off | Daniel Seavey by DearWriterWriter
A Digit Off | Daniel Seaveyby 🌙amber🔆
How a digit off can change your world. For better, or worse.
  • danielseavey
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  • romance
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Secrets//Daniel Seavey by dolanwdwx
Secrets//Daniel Seaveyby dolanwdwx
highest ranking #4 in stories and #2 in best friends What happens when one tiny secret can ruin a friendship, a pact, something you wanted to keep forever and never los...
  • wattys2018
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RoadTrip Oneshots BxB by Randyislife
RoadTrip Oneshots BxBby Randy Obsessed
All in the title... Probably no smut as I feel sick when I write it
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Why Don't We imagines   by I_am_the_dorklord
Why Don't We imagines by TheloyalSlytherin
WDW imagines of all sort. May include dirty. NOTICE: I am not writing Corbyn imagines since he is dating Christina!
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WHY DON'T WE ~ Imagines and Preferences by poisonousmccall
WHY DON'T WE ~ Imagines and m.
in which i write about five pretty awesome dudes. highest rank #18 No parts of this story can be re-posted on any platforms, taking quotes or ideas from this story aren'...
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BOOK ONE! in which zion kuwonu falls for a girl he labelled as spicy. SEQUEL UP NOW!
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Is it true?~Jachary  by JacharyBesson
Is it true?~Jachary by FinnBesson
Hey, i'm Zachary Dean Herron , and im not Gay... ~Jachary - And oh yeah if u don't ship them then GET DA HELL OUTTA HERE BEFORE I SMACK YOUR BOOTY! WARNING⚠: This book c...
  • lgbtq
  • drama
  • eben
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Killer Queen      Freddie x reader by AvengerJazz
Killer Queen Freddie x readerby ☺️
Based on the new Bohemian Rhapsody film💖 A little Freddie action😂
  • love
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"Daniel asked me to be his girlfriend," she spoke softly. The color rushed out of my face hearing the few words making my mouth grow dry. I tried to conceal th...
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