I woke up the sun shining bright in my eyes.

I knew just by that today was going to be a great day!

I rolled over to the other side of the bed. I glanced up at the calender.

Yes! I was very excited. My heart started fluttering.

Today's June 7th. Today's mine and Ryan's anniversary.

We've been together for a year.

"Babe. Wake up! Guess what today is?"

I started shaking the guys shoulder who's arms were locked and wrapped around me.

Then I knew the right way to wake him up, kiss him.

I sat straight up and kissed him on the lips.

Then I saw his bright shiny blue eyes open.

"Good morning Ryan. Your awake."

"Hey babe. Thanks for the nice awakening." "No problem there will be more of that coming! Do you know what today is?"

"The 7th?"


"Oh yeah that reminds me I got you the PERFECT present! I know you won't be able to top mine!" He said.

"Oh I bet I definitely can! You were never the...ya know the best at gift giving."

"That's not true! You know I'm the best! If you don't believe me. Look under your pillow."

I glared at him for a second. I couldn't believe him. He was just never good at gifts.

Then I sighed and said, "Fine." I got up adjusted myself and lifted the pillow.

Then. He was right. It was the most AMAZING present I could ask for.

Tickets to my favorite band.

The Wanted.

Hey thanks for reading! Spread the word awesome people! I just wanted to let you know the guy in the picture is Ryan thanks for reading!

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