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What Lies Below... by CarlitosETX
What Lies Carlos Lopez
Three students from Ashford High get an assignment to film a movie. In their filming location, they discover something that was being kept hidden to the world and this l...
Trauma Pals by EthanTheFlower
Trauma Palsby ScreamingInPain
I have no idea what to write for this story But, it will have spoilers to the actual game. If you haven't finished or didn't watch a finished gameplay I highly recommend...
Roof by halting2000
Roofby halting2000
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Circus by gourmander1944
Circusby gourmander1944
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Worm by semiclose2010
Wormby semiclose2010
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Church by filigrained2011
Churchby filigrained2011
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Chocolates by bacterious1973
Chocolatesby bacterious1973
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Floodlight by unmotored1908
Floodlightby unmotored1908
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Fire by unverdurous1944
Fireby unverdurous1944
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Worm by tetragonurus1982
Wormby tetragonurus1982
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Compact Disc by giftshop1957
Compact Discby giftshop1957
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Saddle by ananke2011
Saddleby ananke2011
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Paintbrush by malleli1935
Paintbrushby malleli1935
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Toilet by hermaphroditish1946
Toiletby hermaphroditish1946
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Fan by rheidae1950
Fanby rheidae1950
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Everyone of us is dealing with a lot in our lives simultaneously. Just the level decides how similar or different our struggles are, if compared. Most of us are either b...
Boss by causational1954
Bossby causational1954
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Banana by yearend1951
Bananaby yearend1951
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