Jealous On Baby by dpHH_947
Jealous On Babyby HunhannieXing's
ဟြင့္..မီေဝါ့ခ်င္စရာ ေဘဘီႀကီး ><
  • luhan
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My brother's best friend🍔 by willyouexcuseme
My brother's best friend🍔by willyouexcuseme
"Do you have a crush on me?" He asks "No.." I try to deny it. "I think you do..." he says and he gets closer. He is as close as we've neve...
  • sm3
  • crush
  • drama
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Where is the Sun? by world_joy_
Where is the Sun?by World Joy
☼ I wished upon a star but realized it was night. The sun that I had wished upon, had left me forever blind☼ ► sporadic updates ► poetry book ► thank you for reading ©w...
  • worldjoy
  • sun
  • emotion
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story of a girl - daily diary entries by lavie-annrose
story of a girl - daily diary entr...by ✨Rose✨
basically a diary, mm
  • mm
  • ranting
  • diary
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cherish. by athyrah_
cherish.by Nura'thirah
Learn to let go. Not everyone in your life is meant to stay. (131218)#feeling-4
  • english
  • sweet
  • quotes
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Splinters ✔ by xFakingaSmilex
Splinters ✔by Steeply
a collection of words, phrases and expressions designed to move you.
  • broken
  • xfakingasmilex
  • wattys2018
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Limitless love by Diyasoni16
Limitless loveby Diyasoni16
Love can change a rude person into joyful person. That like story is we r going to see. it is a love story between two people. this story is a cute n romantic story...
  • angry
  • smiling
  • emotion
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💔தனிமையில் இருந்த என் வாழ்க்கை💔 (Completed) by ZaRo_NaSe
💔தனிமையில் இருந்த என் வாழ்க்கை💔...by Zahra Naseer
Hi... Friends Idhu enoda first story...(big) Hasu heroin.... Awaloda chareter enaku pudichadhu.... En katpanai la wandha soham elam awal ku kuduthu konjam feel ah write...
  • life
  • love
  • cry
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Alpha And Her Mate Beta by Diyasoni16
Alpha And Her Mate Betaby Diyasoni16
This is new story of MaNan.. how the beta pack pouring love to his mate alpha... how he is healing his mate and so many tragedy is waiting for you all of them... how...
  • caring
  • care
  • pack
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Billionaire's love by kara_1008
Billionaire's loveby kara_1008
He was staring at me while I was staring at him to . He comes to me and put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my cheek, he is staring into my eyes and I was too,I...
  • lachowski
  • francisco
  • family
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I want to know how it feels to have sex  by Berthuly1995
I want to know how it feels to hav...by Berthuly1995
do you want to do it or not I asked my brother Michael. "no it's wrong" he answered me. I smirked at him "find suit yourself" I said still smirking a...
  • feeling
  • teens
  • romance
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Lust and Love by BlackLaceX
Lust and Loveby BlackLaceX
  • kinky
  • romantic
  • roleplay
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{ Drawings, Vents, & Quotes } by MoonCheese-CAKE
{ Drawings, Vents, & Quotes }by MoonCheese-CAKE
  • shitpost
  • depressing
  • artbook
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A poet's Odyssey by TheShadowEmpress
A poet's Odysseyby The Queen Of Shadows, Moonlig...
An odyssey of poems Is swimming to you That play with emotions That lie in your deep blue Poetry is my life With words on a paper The gods don't dare shoot on these w...
  • imaginary
  • escapefromreality
  • poems
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Things i wanted to say but never did by MavenHenrique
Things i wanted to say but never d...by erique
Things I wanted to say but I never did
  • adult
  • man
  • twitter
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Sanely Insane by LDream62442
Sanely Insaneby ☠︎♕Lyrical Dream♕☠︎
A collection of whatever comes to my mind [#2 in #Poetrycollection: November 22, 2018] [#2 in #thinking: November 22, 2018] [#2 in #latenight: November 22, 2018] [#4 in...
  • ompawards
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Tentang Rasa [TAMAT] by kakadillo
Tentang Rasa [TAMAT]by Kaka Dillo
Rasa cinta dapat hadir pada siapapun entah itu terasa berat atau ringan. Karena cinta adalah sebuah kata kerja, maka siapa yang cinta akan bekerja keras untuk cinta tap...
  • love
  • wattpadstory
  • sma
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KAMU by DesianaSanty
KAMUby D.mgndipo
Untuk kamu yang ada di atas bumi, di bawah langit.
  • random
  • quotes
  • feeling
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W I T H E R E D by JohOfHearts
An expression of unwanted thoughts, mixed feelings and world full of emotions.
  • strangers
  • love
  • poem
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The Reaped by Winters_Soldier
The Reapedby Winters_Soldier
This is a collection of my poetry that I have written over the past couple years. It's about the life and the death of all that was and is me. Thank you for taking part...
  • poetry
  • queen
  • mentalhealth
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