LOVE  by pistaicecream
LOVE by sweety
Dr.Cecelia youngston is a fun loving women in her 20's .she Is very much passionate about being a doctor, it is what she loves the most about her life .Her journey thr...
  • fiction
  • cazy
  • love
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White coat. 『Random』 by EmiChoiZelo
White coat. 『Random』by J-horse hates snakeu
« C'est pour ça, que j'ai voulu devenir médecin. » ©EmiChoiZelo
  • oneshot
  • doctor
  • hospital
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daisy chain stains by bruisesfromdaisies
daisy chain stainsby bruisesfromdaisies
(hopefully) beautiful chaos. read me, know me, hurt me. a messy collection of experiences in a psychiatric ward. i am going through all my writing from when i was in...
  • pretentious
  • mentalhealth
  • aesthetic
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Beyond The Window [COMPLETE] by xXkinnaXx
Beyond The Window [COMPLETE]by Kinna Louann Akane
"The world beyond the window. It's all I've ever dreamed about. To see the clear, blue sky, stretching out for miles beyond my line of vision. To run across the lon...
  • illness
  • dreams
  • lie
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Someone Else (김남준) by markiewarkie
Someone Else (김남준)by Beautiful Markeu
Na Hei-Ran is a 25-year-old agent for the NIS (National Intelligence Service). She was born and raised in the small tea county, Boseong, before being recruited into the...
  • school
  • parkshinhye
  • hospital
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The love doctor  by RhondaKay7
The love doctor by Rhonda Kay
McKinsey really trying to get into nursing job at a hospital but didn't Realize she would found love in the end
  • romance
  • hospital
  • college
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Doctor in Indore | Best Hospital in Indore by AllPost1
Doctor in Indore | Best Hospital AllPost1
Endocrinologist thyroid Choithram Hospital and Research Centre has focused on quality healthcare and top class possible patient care since its inception and has been con...
  • indore
  • top
  • hospitals
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It All Started With...A Bullet by Imanie_Juldeh
It All Started With...A Bulletby Imanie_Juldeh
It is quite fascinating. A simple mistake from one person can change the life of another drastically. It was a simple mistake that took away my freedom of speech and any...
  • hospital
  • signlanguage
  • betrayal
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I loved her first by Andyoslomx
I loved her firstby Andrea Go
A father would do anything to make her little girl happy. Is it really worth it to love giving all your heart when you know you won't be part of that life anymore? Is fa...
  • completework
  • hospital
  • unconditional
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LG-F.G.E  by Seanshtermonster
LG-F.G.E by Seanshtermonster
This story is a misery story so I tell you nothing of the book and you have to find out for yourself. I will say the type and thats it is above pg-13 because there will...
  • death
  • intence
  • experiments
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Ojitos de Angel by -TheGenxcide-
Ojitos de Angelby Geno
Esta es la historia de un adulto mayor llamado Reaper, quien despierta repentinamente en el hospital , con múltiples fracturas en sus piernas, cadera y muchas heridas; l...
  • fresh
  • tragedia
  • afterdeath
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Last Words by agonysoulx
Last Wordsby agonysoulx
A short story, the last moments of Celestial Reynaldi and her husband, Kieran Finley. A lump in her chest a year ago, ignored. From something harmless to the monster th...
  • hospital
  • emotional
  • death
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Loving With Wounds by itsjussboutmiiaa
Loving With Woundsby itsjussboutmiiaa
After almost having a near death experience, Maddie found out her self-worth and learned that everyone she meets shouldn't be trusted. During a time she went to the mall...
  • hospital
  • abuse
  • aftermath
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Singularity  by XeoneFF
Singularity by It's Xeone
--BTS K.T.H FF-- "Why won't you leave me alone?" "Why should i?" "You don't belongs here." "But i want to stay by...
  • fiction
  • kth
  • tear
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Casos Psiquiatricos(inventados por mi) by NyanYuno1234
Casos Psiquiatricos(inventados Jizu_XD
Te Imaginas Ser Una Persona Que Sufre Una De Esas Enfermedades Claramente A Ninguno De Nosotros Quisiera Sufrir eso Pues estas 10 Personas Sufren Enfermedades Asi,Espero...
  • locos
  • psiquatras
  • hospital
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The Fight To Survive by SociopathicBread
The Fight To Surviveby None
what happens when he falls for the girl who's slowly dying I suggest waiting until this is completed to read Because I take forever to update
  • dying
  • deadinside
  • help
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Lost Light by TAMPAX_
Lost Lightby TAMPAX_
Callum Copper is 16 and very depressed. He lives with his brother and dad who were oblivious until they found him bleeding on the floor. The voices in his head tell him...
  • hospital
  • selfharm
  • suicide
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A Sick Girl's Guide to Happiness by sassy-harry
A Sick Girl's Guide to Happinessby Jordan🦋🏳️‍🌈
April Kinsley knew she wanted to be remembered after she died. She didn't have a cheesy book with a boyfriend that said "Okay" a lot and took her to Amsterdam...
  • illness
  • rickriordan
  • happiness
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Left Behind - Exam practise by CalzonasKingdom
Left Behind - Exam practiseby CalzonasKingdom
This is a short story based on the Character Maggie Pierce from Greys Anatomy as she starts her new life at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, as she meets Meredith and takes...
  • shondaland
  • greysanatomy
  • hospital
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