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Mr.  Erratum by CrimsonOrRetry
Mr. Erratumby Crimson/Retry
Error can take it no longer. After centuries of Pain and suffering, Error no longer cares what happens to the people who caused him pain, and now wants to leave the plac...
My War Is Over by Jadewing47
My War Is Overby Jade
The Avengers wait for Loki to wake in his cell, but when he does Tony comes to a horrifying realization. There's just something off about his eyes. Inspired by the song...
Bitter Taste by SairenBlade
Bitter Tasteby W.D Sairen
It have been many years that the bad sanes and the stars are fighting.The star sanses want to negiotiate with the bad sanses and end these endless battles.The bad sanses...
Vacation [Fgod Error] by Dont-Mind_Meh
Vacation [Fgod Error]by MEHHH
Error is tired.. Tired of all the Fighting and Destroying... He jumped... but not to die... to get a break from it all. (Fgod concept belongs to harrish6, I do not own u...
-Kaká Óneira- A Dreamnoblade Story~ by No-Face12
-Kaká Óneira- A Dreamnoblade Story~by No-Face
Prince Technoblade does not want a guard. He can protect himself, and yet, King Philza assigns one anyway. Meet Dream; the guard. Duels, competitions, royal courts. Dre...
Tough Love by freakylass
Tough Loveby freakylass
Danica Romanov has just started her new job as a data analyst for the S.W.A.T team of the NYPD. She has spent the last few years on her own, away from everyone. What hap...
In His Eyes by MyMindsRealm
In His Eyesby MyMindsRealm
A boy stood in front of the number one hero, All Might, who was giving an all mighty speech. "SO YOUNG STUDENT, WILL YOU ACCEPT MY POWER!" "No." &quo...
King's Heir (A Dadmare fic) by WeirdLookingCat
King's Heir (A Dadmare fic)by WeirdLookingCat
Nightmare is a god. Not only is he a god but a king as well. A fair and just king at that. Despite being the most feared being in the multiverse he is surprisingly the o...
Nightmares passive form cause chaos  by KarmaAkabane425
Nightmares passive form cause Karma Akabane
What if nightmare can go into his passive from? What if dream sees him and messages the others and it leads to chaos when they try to find nightmare in his passive form...
Becoming Katie.  by Chopin09
Becoming Katie. by Chopin09
ON HOLD Katie White faces the world with her signature cold stare, determined not to let anyone behind the walls she's built up over years of hardship. Although she is...
My Friend Over the Phone by Solaire14911
My Friend Over the Phoneby Are you in pain? Because I'm...
When Nightmare finally tries to mend his broken relationship with his brother Dream, he accidentally misdials a newfound, given unknown, friend. (Quick notice: When I fi...
Oh My Dream Child! [Dream!Sans And Daugther!Reader] by LV-izMeh
Oh My Dream Child! [Dream!Sans MehItz'LV
'Check Undertale First Before Reading this. Also check Joku's blog about DreamTale' Dream and Nightmare had lived in peace until a war occurred between them two. After t...
Bride of Nightmare by Sona-Lover
Bride of Nightmareby Sona-Lover
Quick explain, I read alot of Bride of... someone books, like Bride of dust sans. favorite by the way. to Explain probably no one knows who Nightmare is but Dream. The r...
Error's New Family by lostabandonedsoul
Error's New Familyby totes doesn't want to be in m...
Error was badly injured in a fight against Ink and Dream. In his attempt to escape, he falls through a portal to Undertale just as the world is about the reset. The uni...
Control. Slash. Delete.  by Inkygalaxycat
Control. Slash. Delete. by Inkygalaxycat
A.U.s have suddenly started to disappear, even ones as popular as HorrorTale and UnderSwap. The only ones unaffected are all who live outside of A.U.s in the Anti Void a...
Masked Nightmare (Dream Smp AU) by Dark-Unicorn7
Masked Nightmare (Dream Smp AU)by Luna~imp
This is a maskinnit au. But also my Au. (Ps this is during the exile arc) 3 years after Tommy's exile and Tubbo finally has the courage to go visit him,but when he gets...
Nightmare x Blue Oneshots by FallenAsleepYetAgain
Nightmare x Blue Oneshotsby FallenAsleepYetAgain
You can never have too much gay. Nightmare x Blue is like,,, one of my favorite ships of all time and I tend to uh, write like a lot about them. I need a place to dump...
Almost (Adopted from @Tasma_W0lf ) by TheVoidIsMyHome
Almost (Adopted from @Tasma_W0lf )by A Person In The Void
This is a FGOD Error Book. I adopted the general book from @Tasma_W0lf so credits go to them for some of the plot, however, I will be adapting the personalities of the c...
Reborn [Error!Sans fanfic] [fgod] by ERROR_F4N_FR34K
Reborn [Error!Sans fanfic] [fgod]by 3KainNyah
[Cover belongs to me] Error is the (forced) god of destruction, Ink is the god of creation. Both are needed to keep the balance, but while one is loved the other is hate...
Coping Mechanism by teddybeare12
Coping Mechanismby Teddy
"lol what's this group chat? also, who the hell are all of you, and why the hell are you saying you're me?" aka sans meets other sans chatfic but it's angsty a...