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Troubled little youth. by shani_leigh
Troubled little youth.by S H A N I
He thought he was a bad boy. She thought she was a psychopath. He was bad news. She was worse. He was angry at the world. She just wanted to have fun in it. When Ash...
  • school
  • fathertroubles
  • badboy
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A Shattered Soul by darkranger14
A Shattered Soulby Uriah Little Owl
Valden, a Kingdom always at war; renowned for their fighting prowess and cunning. For best friends Thomas and Ivan, growing up in this kingdom is not easy and as they ar...
  • guards
  • bestfriends
  • kingdom
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Monster I Made by Cerberous10
Monster I Madeby Ẓ̸̧̨͙̰̼̬͕̈̋̅̋̆̒͞ȇ͖͔̠̠̐͘͟͡͠ͅ...
Sequel to 'Kidnapped by the Avengers (and Loki)'. Lokia has sworn to kill everyone, the Avengers, Odin, Frigga, even Loki, for being locked away in Asgard's dungeon. Whe...
  • widow
  • frigga
  • loki
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Op in Brazil by RandonRadach
Op in Brazilby RandonRadach
A high priority phone call in the dead of night brings secret agent Evan Milut and his partner Krug to the heart of the Amazon jungle. Their mission: to take down a meth...
  • stealth
  • amazon
  • jungle
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Soft At Heart (Garroth x Reader) by LynxiePlays
Soft At Heart (Garroth x Reader)by Ellie the dank meme
Okayyy! So yes i am doing three stories at once now, but i promise I'm not over working myself xD I've made a schedule (So professional ik xD) I've been wanting to do on...
  • fanfiction
  • reader
  • phoenixdrop
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The Last Blue Falcon by TheFreshPen
The Last Blue Falconby TheFreshPen
  • warrior
  • guards
  • king
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the presidents daughter by warrior-cat-lover
the presidents daughterby id885842.sexy28.pw
the president's wife is about ot have a daughter! what would hsppen when he is chosen as president?!?!?
  • life
  • school
  • teen
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Ask/Dare The FNAF Crew by Alyssa_Game
Ask/Dare The FNAF Crewby Alyssa S.
Ever just had an urge to ask your favorite fnaf character questions, or Mabey dare them to do things they might not normally do? Here is the place to do just that. There...
  • ask
  • dare
  • animatronics
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Behind The Mask (Major Editing, Slow Updates) by Pyrexx
Behind The Mask (Major Editing, Sl...by Lilyanna
We all have a mask. It's either to hide our sick pasts or dark secrets. Maybe even to make yourself a better person. Catharina Silas is a neglected child who happens to...
  • princess
  • guards
  • prince
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Cat's Lame Doodles by XxCat4everxX
Cat's Lame Doodlesby TheWannaBeNeko
Art requests are closed because I don't like being told what to draw Art trades are open though Art collabs are open but you have to shoot me a message for that This boo...
  • chica
  • flowjoe
  • mlp
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Broken Again (Larry Stylinson AU) by SpottingThings
Broken Again (Larry Stylinson AU)by SpottingThings
Harry Styles. Son of posh family Anne and Mark Styles. After being mugged and abused Anne figures out that Harry needs a companion since he has no friends. Crazy right...
  • tomlinson
  • posh
  • fluff
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High - Jacked by pyrozen
High - Jackedby James Wenman
Okay so, Imagine a world where mothers truly have a 6th sense, they can literally read their kids minds! Scary thought? Yeah, I thought so too until the Hive happened...
  • pulse
  • kayla
  • brother
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Escape by CloudChaser15
Escapeby Marcus
Avan Jogia is 23 years old. He works for the C.I.A as a undercover agent. He goes on a mission to a prison. The goal is to learn about a con in the prison. The con has k...
  • prisoners
  • spy
  • avan
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In A Flash (Discontinued) by Music_lover567
In A Flash (Discontinued)by H°F
After experiencing a dramatic event with a mysterious metal sphere that has landed in their backyard, twins Preston and Paisly will never be the same. That is of cours...
  • outerspace
  • scientist
  • destruction
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14 Guards And 1 Girl !!! by bookworm2003xo
14 Guards And 1 Girl !!!by thalia Grace
So I guess this is the part where I tell you how my life become a hell Well here we go Just five days before I reached sixteen my mother died , and I'm forced to move in...
  • funny
  • girlpower
  • slowpaced
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What if the Guards were a the military? by SurvivalCrafter4
What if the Guards were a the mili...by Survival Crafter
Basically what if the guards and knights we see in MLP weren't useless? What if they had organization, magic teams supporting them, etc. Let's see what they can do.
  • my
  • awesome
  • litte
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{MCD} The Pheniox War by MCD4LYFE
{MCD} The Pheniox Warby MCD Is My Game!;3
Long ago... In ancient legends... There was told that long ago... A war that was so great broke out of the universe creating huge destruction and damage. Shadow Knights...
  • villages
  • mcd
  • phenioxdrop
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Gun and Crown by gaillegrey24
Gun and Crownby Gaille <3
First lieutenant Leah Maine is given of her first official assignment: Be one of the Prince's guards. Leah hates him. Royal Crown Prince Erick Magnus Ecre of Ecrea. Goo...
  • prince
  • hate
  • love
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Picture of the Past: Book 2 of The Seven by Quatainia
Picture of the Past: Book 2 of The...by Quatainia
~The others stare at me in shock, their mouths agape as I breath deeply through my own. I scan the gang that were now crippled on the ground. Did I really do this? Yes...
  • action
  • legend
  • guards
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