That's all I heard.

A faint, weak female voice.

I heard that voice.

That noise.

Replaying in my head over and over.

It was like a dream.

Another thing that kept playing in my head is... 'Is this a dream?'

Because there's only one voice that it could be belong to.

That one voice would be...


I turned my head quickly to see if it was really true!

And it was.

My eyes guided right toward Drew.

With her eyes open and her smiling right at me.

"Drew! Your awake!"

I smiled.

I got up off the floor.

With Jay's help and ran right over by Drew's side.

"Nathan? What are you doing here?"

"Drew... I never left."

I said.

Then I wanted to grab her hand.

Make her feel appreciated and loved.

Something Ryan never did.

"But what happened?"

"It's a long horrible story Drew... but the good part is... that your okay."

"Thanks Nathan. Thanks for being there for me. I appreciate it."

She had that beautiful smile on her beautiful face that I have been waiting to see.

That's all I ever needed.

That's what I have been waiting for this whole time.

Was waiting to see Drew.

And I finally got it!

Now... I just got to make sure I don't loose her.

Now... or never!

Because she is my strength!

And I don't know what I would do without her...

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