"Are you fine if I leave you for a little bit love?"

"Go ahead and sing your pretty little face off... just not for to long."

I said while smiling.

I can really say that I'm really starting to like Nathan.

He is a genuine sweetheart.

I was in the hospital and he asked if he needed to stay with me then doing something that he loves.

That's how you know he's a genuine sweetheart! 

As my mom always said... 'Once you find a special one... don't ever let them go.'

Now that I found that one...

I got to make sure... I don't loose him.

Even if nothing happens between us.. I need him in my life.

I could definitely say he is the better man out of Ryan and Nathan.

I wouldn't even consider Ryan a man.

Because he's a little kid.

He seriously needs to grow up!

I hope he goes to jail.

No man ever hits a girl...


I think even if your family you shouldn't hit a girl.

It just isn't right.

Hopefully when he goes to prison for however long...

Cause I'm pretty sure he is.

Hopefully he will learn his lesson...

If he ever gets a girl to fall for him again.

Because I'm pretty sure after this..

He's gonna have a hard time finding someone who will love him.

He had me... but after that...

he lost me.

And I don't think he's ever getting me back.

I got bored being in a hospital room alone.

So I grabbed my phone near the table beside my bed.

I found out I got a new text message.

It was from an unknown number.

But after I read it, I figured out who it was.

'Feel better love! Be back soon ;) xx'

Who else could it be?

It was Nathan.

I hit the reply button and wrote back 'Thanks sing well tonight :)'

I knew I wasn't gonna get a text back for a while.

Which was fine too!

I wanted him to do great!

Cause that's exactly what he is.

Then I went on twitter.

Which I absolutely LOVE! 

I'm addicted.

I tweeted.

'Feeling better. Alot better...'

People can figure out what that means on there own.

I guess you can say I'm twitter famous.

Being nice, I always accept.

I went to see if I got any new followers and one specifically caught my eye.

It said @NathanTheWanted and right next to it had the blue check next to it.

I knew it was Nathan.

And I couldn't get any happier.

Until I read his newest tweet.

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