I can't believe I've been on twitter this long.

I must be really bored then.

I miss him.

I miss him with me.

I miss his presence with me.

It just doesn't feel the same without him here.

I'm bored.


And when he was here, the time would go by so fast.

Before I know it, it would be night time when he came around the afternoon.

But he left a few hours ago, so he should be back shortly.

I hope!

Because I really do miss him without me. 

I read his tweet before he went on.

It was sweet.

But I wanted to know what he meant by being himself again.

I wonder what he meant.

When he comes back, I know that's something I have to ask him!

Or it's gonna be stuck on my mind all night.

I was checking my final tweets for the last time, then I decided I would take a little nap before Nathan got here.

Because when he gets here, I don't want to be asleep!

I want to be awake.

Spending time... with him.

Then, I saw a tweet from Nathan.

It said.

'Glad you Came is up next!! Then time to go back and visit someone special'

Someone special?

I'm someone...

But not someone special.

I want to know what he means by that as well!

His tweets lately...

I just don't understand it.

Is there someone else?

And if there was..

Then why would he have kissed me?

Is this the right Nathan I'm following?

I don't know..

But when he gets back here..

I need to know what all these tweets mean.

Is there a deeper meaning to it?

I don't know..

But these are questions that I'm dying to know the answers!

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