Our missing friend  by thebarbiegirl95
Our missing friend by Barbie
My name is Hazel growing up I had 4 best friends Felix, Trevor, Ruby, and Daisy. I never thought a day would come that we would all stop being friends, but as soon as we...
  • love
  • popular
  • lies
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Taken, Raped and Hidden by CharlotteCartwright
Taken, Raped and Hiddenby Charlotte Cartwright
Emily a young 16 year old is TAKEN while she was on her way to meet her friends. her friends and family are worried sick about her, but no one knows how bad this really...
  • horror
  • harm
  • girl
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The Billionaire's Ex Wife (T.B.E.W. Book 1) by Dredge116
The Billionaire's Ex Wife (T.B.E.W...by Dredge
Aurora Kingsley is the Ex Wife to Multi Billionaire Blayze Mancini. When Blayze is away on business Aurora leaves him, so he thinks. She returns five years later with a...
  • family
  • training
  • missing
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Battle Scars. |corbina+children| by grindingseavey22
Battle Scars. |corbina+children|by A Person
I'm Caitlyn Besson and I happened to be adopted by Corbyn and Christina Besson, I came out with a couple battle scars but it's okay it'll only let god see how strong I w...
  • death
  • missing
  • babygirl
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The Unexpected Gentleman by Dani_Ferrer
The Unexpected Gentlemanby Dani
Theodore Sutherland is the most sought after man in the country for his wealth and powerful reputation, behind his luxurious living however, Theodore kept a secret - he...
  • missing
  • love
  • nottingham
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Betrayal Love by rainalori
Betrayal Loveby Raina Lori
A journey of love after betrayal. She loved him with all her hearts. She sacrifice her everything to make him happy. She was happy for having him in her life. She can d...
  • romance
  • tears
  • possessive
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Gone Astray | BTS x M!Reader|  by -Sehoe
Gone Astray | BTS x M!Reader| by TRANQUILITY
"Nobody can tell me he's gone, because he's not. Until we find him, and flip everything upside down, then I will make the decision. He's alive, and nothing is going...
  • criminal
  • interactive
  • btsjhope
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Bad Boy - BtsVelvet by WENLAFEU
Bad Boy - BtsVelvetby アエラ
"bad boys are going crazy because of this app, do you want to sign up?" seven boys with different problems in life were aggregated to play the battle o...
  • jhope
  • killer
  • wendy
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Percy Jackson, The Trapped Souls by chococookie1607
Percy Jackson, The Trapped Soulsby Charlie
This is the sequel to 'Percy Jackson, the Missing Hero' Things are never easy for demigods are they? With Percy, Nico, Orion, and Aether trapped in Percy's body what wil...
  • missing
  • percy
  • chaos
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The Lost Goddess by Sportygirlsteph
The Lost Goddessby Sportygirlsteph
After the second giant war the Seven and leaders of both camps have been made partially immortal to train future generations of demigods. Soon a new demigod arrive at Ca...
  • percyjackson
  • pertemis
  • betrayed
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Drake Black ✅ by scarletraven23
Drake Black ✅by ♡ ⓒⓗⓔⓛⓢⓔⓨ ♡
//COMPLETED\\ Drake is the second eldest of the Black siblings. He has just had a tough time of being kidnapped and drugged by his oldest brother, Roan's former friend...
  • elixir2017
  • brothers
  • missing
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Missing Spider (Spideypool)✔ by jakarapledger97
Missing Spider (Spideypool)✔by jakarapledger97
Peter Parker and Spider-Man are missing! For almost over a year, the NYPD has searched for the young college student while the Avengers search for their favorite Web-Sli...
  • superfamily
  • doc
  • marvel
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Is this Love??? by banuprasa
Is this Love???by Banumathy Prasanna
Siddhant marry Roli suddenly without her consent... But is it out of Love.. No.. its just out of hate... Just for revenge... Revenge for what??? Was no Love...
  • revenge
  • missing
  • separation
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missing | gilinsky by gilinskyshigh
missing | gilinskyby straight up g
Soon after Nadia Johnson's brother goes missing she meets a stranger who is determined to make his way into her life...and he seems to know a lot about her missing broth...
  • family
  • teens
  • wilkinson
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Look. <> Noah Schnapp by AlliBalli2005
Look. <> Noah Schnappby Seab(ASS)
Mostly Social Media book but here and there, there will be regular chapters
  • noahschnapp
  • missing
  • calebmclaughlin
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Missing {Sanders Sides Fanfic} by PikaGirl_Oshi
Missing {Sanders Sides Fanfic}by Ⓞⓛⓘⓥⓘⓔ
Patton, the morality aspect of Thomas Sanders. The silly goof, but dad like side. But when one day, Thomas loses his anxiety, Patton goes to check when he realizes, he...
  • logan
  • anxietysanders
  • logicsanders
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•Guardian Of Light• { Shiro X Reader } by Uh__hello
•Guardian Of Light• { Shiro X Read...by _Unknown_
The White Lion. Guardian of light. She doesn't just pick anyone to be her paladin. She's stubborn but caring. If her paladin is in trouble she rushes to their aid. If yo...
  • voltronlegacy
  • lovestruck
  • love
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Contaminated Soul H.S by Christina-johnsonn
Contaminated Soul H.Sby Christina-johnsonn
I'm no psychopath baby... I'm good with a twist. * * * * * * After six years of living abroad, Evelyn Luxes moves back to her home town to live with her mum. There she c...
  • captive
  • niall
  • insatiable
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Tomtord-Missing by CuriousCreature89
Tomtord-Missingby CuriousCreature89
Welcome to the book TomTord-Missing! Glad you can read this. I would just like to say, there is another one, go read hers if you want then come back to this one. It migh...
  • love
  • missing
  • tomtord
Completed ★Oh Sehun: My Long Lost Sister...Is One Of My Fans? by ciasze
Completed ★Oh Sehun: My Long Lost...by BubbleteaWithSehun
Exo is a popular boy group in South Korea and It's popularity is getting bigger everyday. *what will happen if his long lost sister is one of his fans? *What will happe...
  • chen
  • kai
  • suho
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