Finding Cinderella (PUBLISHED) by raindrops_
Finding Cinderella (PUBLISHED)by kei
[Will be unpublished on the 25th of May for editing | Part 2 starts at the interlude] He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent...
  • kylie
  • dance
  • humor
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Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awards) by csdreamer
Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awar...by CSDreamer
Devon Creed is forced to watch her friends die. Innocent lives wasted by greed and the hunger for power. Tortured, bound, helpless and consumed by guilt, anger, and hatr...
  • blood
  • mystery
  • mature
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forcefully arranged by stubbornfire23
forcefully arrangedby Elle
Science proved that opposite powers attract but their case was different. They were as different as day and night but because of a stupid tradition they were forced upon...
  • love
  • arranged
  • regret
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Expiration Date Duology by MikaelaBender
Expiration Date Duologyby Mikaela Bender
The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's expired. Highest ranking: #1 in Scie...
  • sci-fi
  • politics
  • expired
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My Monster Mate by Mbalii
My Monster Mateby al.
"Look at me." He demands. "No." I whisper. "Look at me or I swear, I will do it! " He shouts. I slowly remove my hands from my face and...
  • badass
  • monster
  • protective
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Twice Upon Qadr - A Shot At Love #wattys2017 by sajmra
Twice Upon Qadr - A Shot At Love #...by 👑 Queen Saj 👑
Houssam Shaykh is living the dream. He is a big sought after basketball star who has his pick of teams, is recognized wherever he goes, makes millions per game, and gets...
  • spiritual
  • allah
  • qadr
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Our hidden Marriage{Completed} by kiranhafeez
Our hidden Marriage{Completed}by Kiran Hafeez
A story of two strangers. How they met and how their first meeting ended on marriage? Shahyan Hasham malik was a son of billionaire. He himself was a successful business...
  • fate
  • spiritual
  • romance
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Do you believe in Destiny? Fate? A higher force? Soulmates? Do you believe, that there is someone out there, who is born to be with you? I know that I don't, well I didn...
  • love
  • ninadobrev
  • fate
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HIS by kiranhafeez
HISby Kiran Hafeez
A story about a girl and a boy who were tied in a marriage at the age when they didn't know the meaning of this word. Their parents tied them in a knot when He was 6 yea...
  • love
  • fate
  • kiss
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Ink by xcupcake123x
Inkby Rose
"If you run from me, I will always find you."His lips graze the skin of my neck."And if it is to the end of the earth that you travel, I'll meet you at th...
  • mate
  • possesive
  • fate
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The Fates (Book I) - 2014 Watty Award Winner! by _Ahna_
The Fates (Book I) - 2014 Watty Aw...by _Ahna_
They walk among us. All three, living normal mortal lives. Cloe is graduating college; Lacey is getting married; Atria is bar-hopping and breaking hearts. Today, they ar...
  • sisters
  • adventure
  • ancient
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My Alpha's Babies by internalbliss21
My Alpha's Babiesby Tina Marie
Amelia has waited her whole life to find her mate, but after a night of drunkenness on his part, and an his uneasy feeling about leaving. She finds herself alone and con...
  • alpha
  • love
  • fate
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The Pain Of A Mate by XxInsanity_QueenxX
The Pain Of A Mateby XxInsanityQueenxX
"I think you still love me, but we can't escape the fact that I'm not enough for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I'm not blaming you for falling in love wi...
  • alpha
  • werewolf
  • wattyawards2016
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The Found One by bmacke01
The Found Oneby Brittany Mackenzie
He found her. He chose her. Now, she must decide if she chooses him. A Silverbloods Series ©The Found One (2015)
  • mate
  • royal
  • love
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Patience & Faith [A journey#1] |  ✔ by alhashmi96
Patience & Faith [A journey#1] | ✔by Bint-e-Hashim
ROMANCE/SPIRITUAL "I found heaven the day I met you when I became yours and you became mine." A battle of love, patience & Faith. Struggling from her early tee...
  • love
  • patience
  • muslim
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His Flower Princess by storyy_writerr
His Flower Princessby Amanda
Jada Madison is a young werewolf that lives for the simple things. She loves her friends and family, nature, and more than anything Jada loves beautiful flowers. Gideon...
  • war
  • alpha
  • mate
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Wolf Whisperer by Tabdog
Wolf Whispererby Leave her wild | 17
Highest Rank: June 2017 - #61 in Werewolf No one knew why Eleanor had the gift of speaking to the beasts -- but the founders, as some called them, of the little town ha...
  • fate
  • negotiate
  • beasts
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Cupidity by beautifultragedies
Cupidityby bree
Cupid's pointed arrow struck Orion, will Orion strike the arrow back at Cupid? Orion was struck by the all-too-famous pointy golden arrow, shot by Cupid himsel...
  • humor
  • love
  • eros
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Break Me, Mate [Extended Sample] by _laciela
Break Me, Mate [Extended Sample]by NIQUE
Alpha Cross of the Macabre Pack was a ruthless killer. He was known for leaving pack after pack in a bloodbath with not a single survivor in sight. A cold blooded killer...
  • wolf-romance
  • fate
  • strong-female-protagonist
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❝Little did I know that you were closer than expected.❞ [당신의 목소리] ------- Started: 150728 Completed: 151010 Status: [ ] Ongoing [x] Completed...
  • hoseok
  • jungkook
  • taehyung
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