I was sound asleep.

Relaxing trying not to worry about that we have a gig tomorrow and that Nathan still isn't back yet.

I usually am the first one to get up and since I would say quiet one of the group, it's easy for me not to wake up the others.

I got up making myself a cup of tea.

With that... that means the rest of the boys should be up shortly.

Then out of my ear very quietly I could hear a female voice singing.

It must be my phone.

That's Britney Spear's voice that must mean... Nathan's calling.

"Hey what's up lad? You do realize the gig is tomorrow?"

"Yeah.. I do. But we have bigger problems right now."

"Uh." I sighed.

How much bigger can they be than this!

I mean we have a gig tomorrow and Nathan still isn't here!

That to me sounds like an issue!

"What is it?"

"Remember that girl..."

Of course!

Cause of that girl Nathan left in the first place.

To be himself.

And win the girl that he desperately wanted. 

"Well uh... she's unconscious."


I had to whisper scream that cause the other lads were still asleep.

"It's nothing I did! It was her jerk boyfriend. My point is... I need you here asap! I got to get her to the hospital."

That's right I forgot Nathan still can't drive yet.

I need to go there.

Perfect timing... Tom just woke up.

"Hey what's up Siv?"

"I gotta go. I will be back later."

"Not you too. Where are you going?"

"Nathan's in trouble."

And with that, I got my jacket grabbed my car keys, and left.

To go save Nathan.

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