I finally did it!

I kissed the girl that I have been looking for.

I kissed Drew Parker.

It was just as great as I expected...... but only better!

Then right when I was about to leave, Drew stopped me.

"You don't need to feel guilty. You can stay."

Then she leaned in.

She must have felt what I had felt when our lips touched.

"Drew? What are you doing?"

I heard a deepish voice coming behind me. A male voice.

I then looked to see who it was.

He was on the taller side he had blue eyes and black hair.

The first thought that came to mind.

Was this kid trying to be the look alike of Justin Bieber?

Because I'm not kidding... this kid really did look like the biebs.

Then I turned back around to look at Drew.

I looked right into her eyes and I could see the hurt expression she had on her face.

I assumed that this must be the boyfriend she was talking about.

Then right away I felt a huge surge of guilt in my stomach.

I really like this girl.

The thing that I never wanted to happen was to hurt her.

Then right when I come back to see her, I hurt her

"Ryan! Come back it's not what you think?"

"Oh really Drew? Because I think it's exactly what you and I both think!"

Then right away, he stormed out without looking back.

But I did feel like he was glaring at me before he left.

Then before I could say anything to Drew, I saw her running after Ryan.

"Drew! Before you go, I wanted to say I'm sorry!"

She had tears in her eyes once her eyes met mine.

Then she started chasing after Ryan.

The worst part of all, I will probably never be with her now.

I should've listened to my gut after all.

Fairy tales don't exist.

Neither does true love.

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