"She has 50 percent chance of living."

Those words hit me like a bunch of bricks.

Correction not bricks but like bombs dropped on me.

I couldn't stand up.

My legs were like jelly.

I just fell down to the ground and started to cry my eyes out.

Even though the others had no clue what was going on in my life right now... they were right by my side to support me.

I felt a bunch of arms around me.

I knew it was the other lads.

I loved them and I'm glad they are there for me!

When I need them most!

"Well can we go visit her?"

Siva asked.

Because he knew I wasn't ready to talk yet.

Especially with tears running down my cheeks.

And they wouldn't stop.

My throat was getting choked up and everything!

And I definitely wasn't ready to talk about Drew by far from it!

"Yes she can have visitors but only a few at a time. Remember she's still in a coma which she may come out of. She can hear you but she's just passed out. You may visit whenever you like."

"Thank you doctor."

Siva said.

I still can't believe we have a gig tomorrow.

I don't know if I'm in the right emotional state to be performing.

Especially songs about love... and lost.

And I'm going through both of those right now!

"Come on Nath the doctor will let you see her."

Good thing she can't see me because I wouldn't want her to see me like this. 

I still feel bad that the lads have to see me like this.

I don't think really anyone has!

I really hope I can go back to myself.

Because I really need it!

I looked up to see all the boys on their feet around me.

"Come on Nathan... Get up please? Let's go see her!"

Jay said sweetly.

Max grabbed my arm and helped me up.

This is why he's known as the sensitive one.

He hasn't said a word at all since he's seen me like this.

He's just been quiet.

I finally got up started whipping the tears from my eyes and the dried ones.

Tom and Max just wrapped their arms around me on both sides as we started walking to Drew's room.

Then once we got to room 131.... I saw Drew.

Lying in bed.

Next to a heart monitor.

And all these cords wrapped to her.

Once I saw her... I just felt the tears all over again.

I just couldn't handle it.

Once again I'm on the hospital floor crying.

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