Ryan brought you here."

But why?

And more importantly  ... why?

I can't believe that.

It couldn't be true.

Ryan and I were like the 'High School Sweethearts' couple.

We were always together.

We were NEVER apart.

I literally mean never!

Why would Ryan hit me?

But then reality sets in.

I kissed Nathan.

Nathan Sykes.

And even though I feel guilty... I can't say I regret it.

Because that kiss.

That kiss was amazing!

It was like my lips just felt right when they touched his.

Something that I never felt with Ryan.

And I was with him for a year!

"He he hit you Drew."

That's what I didn't want to hear.

We were done.

Even if Ryan were to ever apologize... I could never forgive him for that.

I was with him for a year.

So the tears just fell naturally.

But Nathan being the sweetheart that he is..

He pulled me into his arms right away.

"Sh. It's okay Drew. He doesn't deserve you!'

I finally breathed out.


"Yes... any guy would be lucky to have you!'

I started to smile.

He wiped the tears off of my face.

"Now... stop crying!"

I started to smile.

Oh how this boy has this affect on me.

"Thanks Nathan."

And then.

Because I got caught up in the moment.

Nathans lips and mine touched once again.

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