Black was all I could see.

At the moment there was nothing I can do.

But see black.

I don't remember how I got here...

But the last thing I do remember was running after Ryan.

I remember seeing Nathan.

Then kissing Nathan.

That I just couldn't get off my mind.

Even though all I could see was black.

I couldn't see anything.

But boy... could I hear things!

I was hearing alot of interesting things.

I heard some deep heavy voices.

But one in particular...that just stood out!

It sounded very familiar.

Like I could tell who's voice that was from a mile away.

It took me a minute to realize who's voice it was.

But then... I finally got it!

It was the one voice who just I couldn't seem to get my mind off of.

It was Nathan James Sykes.

But I could barely understand what he was making out.

All I heard was mumbling and muffling.

He was talking to someone.

Another deep heavy accented voice I could hear.

I listen to their music all the time!

So I could tell who it was.

James McGuiness.

Or what he goes by..


He was also in my room.

Then I heard footsteps.

Then I heard the most beautiful thing my ears ever heard!

It was Nathan James Sykes...and he was singing to me!

He was doing so well and then...


I heard a drop and then crying.

Then someone running.

"Sh it's okay Nathan. She will be strong! You know it!"

Is what I heard.

I heard Nathan James Sykes crying over me!

But over what?

 That... I don't remember.

But I opened my eyes and then my eyes laid on such a horrible sight...

Nathan James Sykes with red blood shot eyes...

crying over me.

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