Dusk by Pens_Pianos
Duskby Pens_Pianos
"It was dark before I met you. My world was an infinite dusk, no sign of the sun in sight. You showed me love, you showed me hope, you showed me dawn." After...
  • teenfiction
  • rich
  • family
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Strung by carte_blanche_milady
Strungby carte_blanche_milady
London Grey is known for two things - her passion for her incredible artistic talent, and her undying love for the band Hazmat. But what happens when those two intertwin...
  • hot
  • chicklit
  • fangirl
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Under the Influence ✔ by deadbeatvalentines
Under the Influence ✔by K
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one that drives down the interstate and imagines what it would be like to steer just a little to the right and crash through the guard...
  • relationship
  • friendship
  • music
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Broken Home by mkaymoo
Broken Homeby Moo
#40 in 5 Seconds Of Summer. When Luke went on tour with his band 5 Seconds Of Summer he left everything behind. Including his 17 year old sister Zoe Hemmings. After Luk...
  • home
  • luke
  • band
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Mayfly Melodies [A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] by DelaneyBrenna
Mayfly Melodies [A WATTPAD Delaney Brenna
Bailey Grant's life was perfect. A life in Nashville, a hit music career, an upcoming international tour. She thought that nothing could possibly bring her down from t...
  • bullriding
  • band
  • wattys2018
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Out of Tune by DelaneyBrenna
Out of Tuneby Delaney Brenna
For two years, Aileen Prince has refused to sing. It wasn't that she was bad at it, she wasn't, in fact, when she sang, people stopped whatever they were doing to listen...
  • bass
  • vocals
  • wattys2014teen
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Chasing The Forbidden by anne_luvs
Chasing The Forbiddenby Anne
"My inspiration was her." Mackenzie couldn't help but get angry at the thought of spending the summer with her famous brother and away from her home team. She...
  • singer
  • band
  • chicklit
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Zach Herrons Little sister by goldbesson
Zach Herrons Little sisterby goldbesson
Lara age 15 is sent to live with her brother and his friends. What will happen?
  • musically
  • love
  • california
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Yellow- Wolfstar Bandmates/Muggle AU by RandomFandomPuppy890
Yellow- Wolfstar Bandmates/ Adam Deserved Better
"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do." Remus Lupin never expected too much of his life. Too broke to have a place of his own...
  • coldplay
  • bandmates
  • marauders
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Now I am a rockstar (A Percy Jackson Story) by luvwarriorcats13
Now I am a rockstar (A Percy luvwarriorcats13
Percy gets cheated on by Annabeth and disowned my his father until his is fully mortal and can't turn back into a demigod. He makes the most of it and creates a new life...
  • percyjackson
  • nyx
  • band
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A Song For You by UnsinkableShips
A Song For Youby sarah
Emmy has had a rough couple of years, to say the least. So when her psychologist recommends that she joins an online support group, she thinks she knows what to expect...
  • band
  • newadult
  • relationship
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Will & Rosie by Rebecca-Jade
Will & Rosieby Rebecca-Jade
Twenty seven-year-old Will O'Connor is in the prime of his rockstar career when he unintentionally kills a man in a head-on car collision. Full of remorse, he must come...
  • london
  • rockband
  • band
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  • twentyonepilots
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The Baby of our band// Why Don't We// Spanking Story by LarryLashtonNom
The Baby of our band// Why Don't Penguins and Weird Shit
Fed up with Zach and Jack's behavior over the last few months the boys decide that the only way to get them to behave is to punish them with Spankings, Mouth Washings, a...
  • zachherron
  • danielseavy
  • jonahmarias
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Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader) by Freyathegeekgirl
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader)by Freyathegeekgirl !
You get to go to your first every MCR concert .. a dream come true and everything is perfect. Well until the end... Disclaimer: This story includes self harm, depression...
  • bands
  • music
  • emo
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the agreement. / zion kuwonu by Heygabwab
the agreement. / zion kuwonuby g.
Elliot packs up her entire life and moves to California to pursue her career of making music. Once she arrives she meets a group of boys. These boys Prettymuch change he...
  • firststory
  • nick
  • nickmara
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Time Waits For No One by freddiemerqwerty
Time Waits For No Oneby Natalie
1964. You couldn't possibly be in 1964. In England, 1964? The last thing you'd known you were living in 2017 with a love for the music of Queen and a passion for the cha...
  • timeline
  • rocknroll
  • 1970s
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7 minutes in heaven | PRETTYMUCH (LOTS OF SMUT) by smilingkrystal
7 minutes in heaven | PRETTYMUCH ( ummitskrystal❗️
An interesting game of 7 minutes in heaven, makes Austin realize how gay he really is. WARNING: super explicit details and a lot of gay sex.
  • hot
  • popular
  • gaysex
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into it // clinton cave by efingwantdollar
into it // clinton caveby e.g.d
"come on baby, it's just a deal"
  • drama
  • mitchelcave
  • chaseatlantic
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Why Don't We oneshots bxb  by MariBieberWDW
Why Don't We oneshots bxb by Mariana ✨💜
Just one shots about the boys. It's not about their friendship, bromance, but about their love for one another. Cause if you don't think they are secretly gay for each o...
  • jonahmarais
  • jorbyn
  • band
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