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The Sweet little Badass by SpunkMonkey
The Sweet little Badassby Celine
Sasha Meadows, that girl who everybody used to know as the snotty little nerdy kid with a rich family, who ran away after been pushed to her limits, well now she's back...
  • abuse
  • lies
  • domestic
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The Younger Bella by MelissaBarringer
The Younger Bellaby MelissaBarringer
Ariana Bella is the youngest of the Bella Twins, yes as in Nikki and Brie Bella. Soon enough Ariana will find herself in the Love department when she runs into a souther...
  • aliciafox
  • divaschampion
  • deanambrose
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The Movies Make It Look Easy by XfudgesiclesX
The Movies Make It Look Easyby Karen
Shannon moves to London, expecting the perfect College experience, but from Day One things don't go according to plan. Between a roommate that seems to hate her, a cr...
  • jealous
  • kylie
  • carla
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Spanking humour  by Saniya0308
Spanking humour by Saniya
Some really short scenes involving spanking or an upcoming spanking and it's gonna be humourous and funny in certain parts
  • sass
  • bare
  • red
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Loving You |Seth Rollins| by those5boysfrom1d
Loving You |Seth Rollins|by those5boysfrom1d
In which Dean Ambrose's sister becomes infatuated with Seth Rollins. •social media fic•
  • down
  • instagram
  • raw
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Smack My Ass, Daddy by SweetSweetTatas
Smack My Ass, Daddyby SweetSweetTatas
You get your ass smacked.
  • daddy
  • drphil
  • starwars
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Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hearts by taylorinwonderland
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Taylor
A young teenager gets peer-pressured into doing drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties, and sneaking out.
  • pissed
  • city
  • sharp
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TGIF by sigrist
TGIFby Adam Sigrist
Sophie is the love of Damien's life, she's kind, funny, caring and beautiful. One Friday, during their weekly trip to the pier to ride the ferris wheel, Damien saves Sop...
  • time
  • sophie
  • wheel
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Welcome to My Mind: A Book of Poems. by AshleyDiem
Welcome to My Mind: A Book of AshleyDiem
Welcome to my mind. These are poems kept from over the years and have continued to be written. I tend to keep things bottled inside so it's a type of therapy for myself...
  • tired
  • poems
  • lights
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True Kink by the06daddy
True Kinkby ❌Daddy❌
kinky Role-Play between My Princess and I
  • cuddles
  • sexual
  • dominant
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Spanking, Etc, Mentions by Youtubers: A List by ocficgirl
Spanking, Etc, Mentions by R
So, I watch a lot of Youtube. And anytime one of my favorite Youtubers says something like "spank", or "naughty", or smacks someone's butt, or does o...
  • spanking
  • jfred
  • mentions
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Pirates and Aliens by sigrist
Pirates and Aliensby Adam Sigrist
Vivian Master is a terrifying captain, revered across the seven seas for her immense physical strength. It's an ability she can't explain, and it's not the only mystery...
  • punk
  • mystery
  • smack
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Rants of life by rochellekirby16
Rants of lifeby rochellekirby16
  • school
  • rant
  • highschool
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This Thing We Call Love (Harry Styles Love Story) by LittleMissFanFic
This Thing We Call Love (Harry Hope
Juliet is just your normal teenage girl dealing with boys, school and drama plus the whole not being the most attractive girl. Then again Juliet isn't a normal teenager...
  • smack
  • payne
  • crying
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Mystery/Thriller Smackdown 1.0 by SimpleDeduction
Mystery/Thriller Smackdown 1.0by SimpleDeduction
SimpleDeduction Mystery/Thriller Smackdown!
  • thriller
  • mystery
  • smack
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I hope the only thing in my life that loves me dosen't disown me after this .. -Smack
  • pent
  • lol
  • lovestory
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My Monster by alexanoelle
My Monsterby Alexa
Her name was Skylar. And she was addicted. Her substance: Meth/Crank/Glass... whatever you call it, it still screws you up in more ways than one. But after seventeen yea...
  • town
  • call
  • heartbroken
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I'll Be Your Strength *Nathan Sykes Love Story Finished* by jennasykes
I'll Be Your Strength *Nathan Jenna Sykes
  • max
  • hug
  • parker
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A Warrior's Daughter by sigrist
A Warrior's Daughterby Adam Sigrist
On the most magical day of the year, the day in the fall when Jenna Leary notices that the green of the leaves has completely disappeared and they've been lit on fire wi...
  • dragon
  • illness
  • fog
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