"Drew ... I . I love you."

That's what he just told me.

Nathan James Sykes says he loves me.

This was hard to digest.

I was happy.

Very happy.

Because I feel the same exact way.

I just started smiling.

I couldn't let the smile fall off my face.

"Well? Drew?"

Oh yeah!

I forgot.

I got so happy that I never even told him how I feel.

What would be going on in his head, and his heart.

I had to change that quickly!

So he knows that he didn't get hurt.

I didn't give him an answer.

I just grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine.

We started to kiss.

And I think he knew what his answer was.

The kiss was even greater then the first time our lips ever touched.

He bit my lip for entrance.

And I let him in.

It got hotter.

More intense.

More passion.

And I knew.

That this felt right!

After a few minutes, I had to pull away.

We both pulled away at the same time.

I smiled and I looked right into his eyes.

He started smiling too!

We were both smiling like idiots.

But that's what makes us great together.

Were both idiots crazy in love.

"So I think I got my answer."

He said.

So I started nodding like a fool.

"So then there's just one more thing."

"And that is....?"

Then he grabbed my hands and cupped my face.

"Drew Parker... will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes! I'd love that."

We started smiling again.

Then he pulled me into a hug.

I hugged back instantly.

I just wanted to stay in that moment forever.

And I knew in that moment in time, something I didn't know before this whole roller coaster.

From the very first moment we laid eyes on each other,  he's always kept me safe.

Unlike Ryan.

I knew from today on...

That Nathan James Sykes was my strength.

And I can't ever let him go.

The End

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