"Drew? What are you doing?"

I knew that voice from 100 miles away.

It was my boyfriend.


"Ryan! Come back it's not what you think!"

I basically yelled at him with tears starting to form in my eyes and in a minute, down my face.

"Oh really Drew? Because I think it's exactly what you and I think!"

He yelled right back at me.

Then he started heading right toward the door.

I didn't realize what i did! And if I could take it all back I would!

Even going to see The Wanted if it was a result of loosing Ryan.

I turned around and looked in Nathan's eyes.

Tears were willing up in my eyes.

I hope he feels great.

He knew I had a boyfriend and he still did what he did!

He should feel horrible!

I hope he rots!

I started running, darting after Ryan.

He has to let me explain.

Because I can't loose him.

"Ryan! Just let me explain! I can't loose you!"

I was right behind him now.

Then I heard the most hurtful words I have ever heard in my life!

Even worse, by the one I am in love with.

"We were together for a year Drew, a year! I loved you but I guess you didn't feel the same."

That was what hurt most.

I was lost for words.

"But Ryan-"

I couldn't finish that sentence.

I had a burning feeling across my face and I heard a loud SMACK.

Then I fell into bitter pool of darkness.

Everything went black.

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