Ryan's POV

I was heading over to my girlfriend's house.

My girlfriend being Drew, of course.

She was the most beautiful and perfect girl in the world!

I couldn't have asked any better girl than Drew.

There wasn't anyone better than her. She was perfect.

I started parked in the parking spot I usually park in. But I couldn't.

There was a car I've never seen before parked there.

Right away I had a huge pain in my gut.

There was somebody else in the house; a guy judging by the car.

What if this guy hurts Drew?

I don't know what I'd do!

But i have to hurry, to make sure she's okay.

I found a spot to park in and I got out of the car immediately.

I rushed in and saw the most horrible picture I have ever seen in my life

. I saw the girl that I truly love, kissing another guy.

Then I realized that I've seen this guy before.

He was one of those guys from the concert I took her to.

He was from The Wanted, her favorite band.

I think his name is...Max....?

I don't keep track of these boy bands.

"Drew? What are you doing?"

I said heart broken and easily confused.

"It's not what you think!"

She assured quickly and sprung away from him.

"No Drew. I think it's exactly what you and I both think!"

I shouted.

Then I stormed out not wanting to hear any excuses.

Of course knowing Drew, she would come after me.

"Drew I don't want to hear it from you. Were done. Let's just forget this happened. That we were ever together."

I kept walking faster now.

And of course she was walking even faster.


I turned around to stare into her eyes one last time.

"We were together for a year Drew, a year! I loved you but I guess you didn't feel the same!"

"But Ryan!"

She grabbed my arm so I couldn't walk away

. I stared into her eyes.

Then. SMACK!

My world turned black upside down.

I'm heart broken and now I just hit the girl I loved.

Now she's lying on the ground.


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