It was right after the show.

We finished our show with our hit that probably got our start, 'All Time Low'

We ran off the stage, with our fans screaming away.

Not for a second, did I forget about that mystery down to earth girl.

I had to hydrate before I do anything first.

Then, we met our fans.

Of course I met the fans, but not the one I had my eye on.

Luckily when I do wait for her, it will be warm out  and I won't have to freeze my butt off.

We got outside, I saw the security guards by if we needed them,

The guys all started walking ahead of me.

I was searching the crowd of people around us, seeing if I could find that girl.

I wasn't focusing on anything else in that moment in time.

"Hey Nathan! You coming?" I could hear Jay coming back over to me. Probably to ask if I was okay.

"Yeah I will be right ahead, go ahead I will meet you guys in the car!"

"Alright but don't take long Nath."

"No promises." I love joking with them. That's what makes touring with them so fun!

Then I turned around and I saw her back towards me, I knew it was her because it was the same brown hair I saw in the crowd.

I walked over to her trying to leave a good impression on her.

Which shouldn't be to hard, considering she's wearing a 'I love Nathan' tee shirt.

I tapped on her shoulder and I knew that this was the girl.

"I believe you might be looking for me." I said trying to joke around her hoping she likes 'jokey' kind of guys because exactly who I am!

"Your your Nath-"

"Yeah..... that guy I saw you in the crowd and I wanted to make sure I see you before I left."

She smiled and blushed a little bit, I knew it was working.

"You didn't have to do you really are sweet! Just like people say." 

Usually the guy is the one to be formal. But not her, she pulled out her hand wanting me to shake it.

I found it cute, is she always this awkwardly cute?

If so I really wanna see more!

"You don't have to be shy around me. You can give me a hug."

She leaned in closer and she hugged me to be honest with you, I didn't wanna let her go.

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