I started darting after the tall figure over the girl I loved.


I didn't regret what I meant when I said that if he hurt her that he better watch himself.

Then not only did he emotionally hurt, her.

He did the worse thing a man can do in man-kind.

He hit the girl he truly loved.

That's the lowest thing you can ever do!

I finally caught up to him.

It seemed like he was in shock because all he did was just stand there.

I was now right in front of him.

I could see the guilt in his eyes.

But that doesn't mean it will make it better.

He hit her.

He can't change that now.

"Um Ryan? What's your problem?"

"I don't know i- it just happened so fast before I knew it she was on the floor."

"Yeah...because you hit her! She didn't deserve it! You jerk!" I was yelling at this time.

She was to innocent besides this whole incident was my fault.

I should be the one knocked out right now.

Then my fists were clenched.

But I took over my anger all I did was just push him.

"Just leave! You JERK you should feel ashamed of yourself! Just leave Drew alone. I will handle it."

He looked relived after I said that then he just started running away.

This guy was a jerk like he never cared about Drew at all.

I picked up the unconscious Drew bridal style and carried her back to the house I had to call someone.

I started running as fast as I could without stumbling.

I got to the house I put Drew on her couch and went to the table to grab my phone.

I scrolled down my contacts until I found the right number.

"Hey... Siv, we have a problem."

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