I just stood there....speechless.

How could a guy like him be at my house with a girl like me?

Now I know all this time..... that REALLY was Nathan.

"Nathan? What are you doing here?"

"Um before I answer that....I just came from Seattle so I kinda am wearing the wrong clothes......"

He was right.

He was wearing dark skinny jeans which were sagged a little, a Rubber Shoe Company shirt, and a hoodie.

Even though he was wearing alot of clothes he couldn't look more better.

"Yeah....sure you can come in...."

He gave me that little smirk.

That same smirk he gave me the night of the concert.

When we first met.

"So Mr Sykes.......please explain to me how'd you find me and what on bloody earth are you doing here?"

"Simple. Your 19 right? My age. You should know it's technology babe. It really wasn't hard to find you." He started laughing.

Boy do I feel stupid.

"Oh yeah I should've guessed that..... but you haven't answered part two of my question."

"Oh yeah.....about that....."

"Your at my house you kinda gotta tell me now."

"Hm. Good point. Let me show you."

It all happened so fast.

He kept getting closer and closer within every step he took.

"Nathan what are you-"

The next thing I knew his lips crashed into mine.

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