After Siva and I got Drew into the backseat of Siva's car, slowly and carefully, right away Siva put his foot on the gas and started to drive to the hospital.

"You think she's gonna be okay?"

My voice cracked because I was getting nervious that she wouldn't make it.

"She should be fine lad, don't worry about it."

I hope he's right.

I hope he's right.

I just got to keep thinking that!

Every few minutes or so I would look behind me in the corner of my eye to check on Drew.

I had to make sure nothing looked bad suspicious or wrong.

Also I had to make sure she was okay herself!

I had to make sure I could still see and hear her still breathing. 

My heart kept pounding at the minute.

My palms were getting sweaty.

I was wiping the sweat on my jeans so it didn't look like I was worried.

And I kept on tapping my foot because I was also starting to feel very impatient.

Because when it's with things with this... how could I stay calm?

I kept looking at the window so I would calm down and not start freaking out.

On the outside I might look quiet and calm... but the truth is... on the inside I was literally going crazy!

So many emotions and feelings were running threw me!

And I don't know how to control it.

When I thought we were still moving, I looked in front of me and I see we arrived.

Siva started walking toward the door so I could get Drew through.

I picked her up bridal style and started running toward the doors Siva was holding.

"Thanks mate!"

I said as I passed him.

I headed to the hospital desk in the waiting room.

"I need help quickly!"

She saw Drew in my arms and she had a worried expression lying on her face.

Right away doctors came and put her on one of those hospital beds.

"Thank you!"

I said.

And while I was waiting for the doctor's to say it was ready to go see Drew... I got a couple more visitors I wasn't expecting.

I wasn't expecting them at all!

Walking toward mine and Siva's direction were the rest of the lads.

Max, Tom, and Jay.

They were standing right in front of me.

With anger in their eyes and faces.

But even though there was anger, I could see concern too!

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