"Guys we've gotta figure something out!"

Max was walking back and forth across the tour bus as we were trying to figure something out.

Our next performance in the U.S. is two days away and were missing one of our members.


Me and Nathan are the closest.

So when I asked him a couple weeks ago if something was wrong, I knew something was wrong.

I was on my phone actually talking to Nathan at the moment.

I'm the only one in the group that knows where he is.

And Nathan wanted me to keep it that way

. "Siva Siva hello! Are you there lad?"

Tom was basically yelling at me.

"Uh yeah I'm sorry I was checking my... uh twitter."

"Twitter at this moment!"


"We need to get Nathan back here! Does anyone have any clue where he could be?"

Tom was still freaking out while Max was trying to contain his energy.

"Guys listen...... Nathan is, well, Nathan. Remember that time when he missed his flight and had to get to Texas?"

"Yeah...." They all said.

"Well he had every limb in his body to get there. And you know what? He did! Maybe he was cutting it a little close, but he made it!"

"I guess....."

"If that's true, if it happened once, then I guarantee it will happen again, just be calm and patient and he will show up."

"I hope so I hope your right Siva."

Jay said with a sigh.

"I guarantee it."

Right then I had to text Nath.

'Hey lad. Get back here as soon as you can! Everyone is worrying about you and I can't keep hiding it forever you gotta get back here on time for the gig! Please respond'

And I'm really hoping he does.

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