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Imagine~Tom Kaulitz-My best birthday by dontjumpx
Imagine~Tom Kaulitz-My best Frederikke
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To the guy who looks like Aamir by absgailaries
To the guy who looks like Aamirby absgailaries
I just wanted to write this to express how much thankful I am :) To the guy who looks like Aamir, I know you are reading this. Since you are my follower in wattpad! >...
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Love Into The Light. (ToMark One Shot) by KonKeR-182
Love Into The Light. (ToMark One KonKeЯ - 182
"I accept everything, and wanted to show you. Because words can easily be said without meaning, but it's hard to argue with actions." Mark says with a smile. (...
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Maddie's World - Adopted by Tom And Giovanna Fletcher by leahcross752
Maddie's World - Adopted by Tom Leah-Louise
Madison was involved in a car crash as a child, and by that she lost her father. But Maddie's mother couldn't deal with the fact that she had to look after someone who l...
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Saving Larry by Orangeboy97
Saving Larryby Justin Wood
After a long tour, the boys finally get back to London and Harry and Louis have decided to finally come out. But things begin to go downhill... quickly.
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You're Hot by LadyGoodwin
You're Hotby LadyGoodwin
Musically Gifted? Well, I Used to Play the Recorder... by leigh_
Musically Gifted? Well, I Used Leigh Ansell
"Remind me again why I thought spending six weeks with a bunch of hyperactive, sweaty and supposedly 'musically gifted' kids was a good idea?" Bailey Cunningh...
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Everyone Has A Past by Smartkid67
Everyone Has A Pastby yooooooo
Jordan is gone, out for a trip to Urulu. Sonja, Wag, Tucker and Tom are all hanging out at Tucker's dojo, and suddenly a darkness envelopes them, plunging them all, toge...
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The boy who never had a choice (Draco Malfoy fanfic) by MariaDiaz738
The boy who never had a choice ( Maria Diaz
Draco Malfoy was a young wizard that never had a choice in his life. Everything he did his parents made him do it. Everything he loved, he couldn't. Until he started sch...
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The Name's Alex by JadeNight14
The Name's Alexby JadeNight14
After Blunt was replaced with Mrs. Jones as head of MI6, she had provided Alex with an opportunity. A new life. He's now sent to live with a caretaker in Forks...
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Tom Riddle's Short Romance (Hp fan fic) by EdenGirlie
Tom Riddle's Short Romance (Hp Eden
Before Tom Riddle was the heartless cold killer Voldemort, he did have a girlfriend, Florence Ravenclaw. Was he using her for information? Or did he truely love her?
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Remedy by Inconvenient_Ideal
Remedyby Charlie
Siblings enlist to help with the war effort. One to fight and the other to heal. But as they both find out war is a horrible thing. As a nurse Dorothy sees the worst of...
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A Serpent's Heart (HP Fanfic) by manicalien
A Serpent's Heart (HP Fanfic)by sexy
Before he was the dark lord, he was Tom Riddle. He had secrets no one ever knew of, reasons no one ever thought of and a person who never existed in anyone's memories bu...
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Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (Tom Hiddleston) by MichaelsCrue
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You ( Harley
AU || 17 year-old Tom Hiddleston in 1967, London. Song: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Frankie Valli
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Dogs by SamanthaJR
Dogsby SamanthaJR
Naomi's always been different, right from the moment he first met her, but not anything big. She's just stupid and witty and amazing and does strange things like wolf wh...
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ON HOLD// Love is Like War (A 1D/ JB/ The Wanted/ Cody Simpson Fanfic) by taylorbirdmusic
ON HOLD// Love is Like War (A Taylor Alexandra
The Singing Beat, an International Singing Competition seen almost all over the world, has just started its 4th season, and this year they've thrown in a new twist, the...
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Until Forever- Nathan Sykes Fanfic by Sefeh7
Until Forever- Nathan Sykes Fanficby Sophie
Maggie and Nathan have been best friends for as long a she can remember, they're the perfect combination. But Nathan has a secret he's been dying to tell her. With a lif...
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They Said This Day Wouldn't Come (The Wanted Fanfic) by megantwfan
They Said This Day Wouldn't Come ( Megan
What will happen when Megan, a normal girl, finds out that her new found dad has a famous son? Will she be able to cope or will the pressures of being related to someone...
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Abigail's Riddle (HP fanfic) by TEAtitanicfan
Abigail's Riddle (HP fanfic)by Abby Dawson
It's 1938, and Abigail Rose Strentrellex is completely ecstatic that she got a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts. She always knew she was special, and now she'll have...
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Star Trek Voyager: Solitary People by scifiromance
Star Trek Voyager: Solitary Peopleby scifiromance
Tom is surprised by the unexpected people who rally around him during his solitary confinement... P/T. A friendship scene for Tom, Seven and Chakotay set during S05xE09...
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