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Jet Black Hearts / l.h. by easy_breezyy
Jet Black Hearts / KAREN
When Brinley's mom signs her up for a weekly therapy group for teens, she doesn't expect much. However, when she meets a skinny boy with demons as fierce as her own, she...
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  • younglove
  • 5sauce
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skinny || h.s. au [REMOVING in May 2019] by LovelyLena7
skinny || h.s. au [REMOVING in Lena xx
"All I ever wanted was to be skinny." #191 in Fanfiction [This story will be removed in May 2019 to undergo extreme editing. Keep the story in your lib...
  • universe
  • harry
  • personalities
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The Fat Luna by xo_cookie_life_xo
The Fat Lunaby H
" I will give you a second chance mate. You may choose what you will like your mate to be like or look like. " The moon goddess says. I smile. " I don't m...
  • sad
  • happiness
  • alpha
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Jessabelle | NH AU by somethingsright
Jessabelle | NH AUby ----
" Is that her in the picture with you?" "Yeah, that's Jessabelle." "She's so skinny." "Ya, she's... Very sick." + May be trigger...
  • fan
  • drama
  • louis
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Darling & Foster by coffeeflavored
Darling & Fosterby Anemic Royalty
"I would kill to be skinny," She would always cross her arms and say. So she did what she said, she went killing, but the only person she was killing, was hers...
  • depression
  • death
  • teen
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skinny  || n.m by BabyCutcosky
skinny || n.mby INACTIVE
"Why don't you like me?" "I like my women thick, not some piece of bone like you." Highest ranking - #36 in fanfiction
  • sam
  • wilkinson
  • dallas
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The skinny girl crumbles by vonni-ivonne
The skinny girl crumblesby + Iṿʏ +
Skinny. That's what every girl wants to be. Skinny. That's what every girl needs to be. You know who knows? The mirror. And it can't lie.
  • anorexia
  • disorder
  • skinny
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Skinny • Book 1 In The Reality Series by hemmofanatic
Skinny • Book 1 In The Reality hemmofanatic
Calum can't eat and Katy can't stop.
  • calumhood
  • skinny
  • freeyourbody
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Skinny Girls by wysiwygb
Skinny Girlsby anonymous
Skinny girls are bitches. Skinny girls don't eat. Skinny girls are fitness freaks. Skinny girls are superficial. Skinny girls don't have insecurities. Skinny girls have...
  • thepeopleofsociety
  • teenfiction
  • thepeopleofsocietycampaign
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The Girl In Skinny Jeans. by Steph22
The Girl In Skinny Steph22
"Ellie Conners, you are under arrest for Vandalism, Thief, Violence, Trespassing and Attempt of Murder!" The sheriff said reading only a few of the girls offen...
  • prison
  • skinny
  • bad
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Mafia's Daughter by ashm12351
Mafia's Daughterby New Age Vamp
Taylor was cast out onto the streets as a kid, she's been begging and couch surfing ever since. what else is there for a thirteen-year-old to do in the life she was give...
  • broken
  • fatherdaughter
  • happy
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Definitely (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction) by snugglinghazza
Definitely (A Niall Horan Fan snugglinghazza
[COMPLETED] Brooke Hayes was a typical teenage girl who, like many others, was suffering from an adolescent heartbreak. If you told her that a single trip to Ireland to...
  • grass
  • horan
  • slow
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eating disorder - sm by secretdeepthoughts
eating disorder - smby xoxo
but this isnt the story where the boy can fix everything
  • saved
  • happy
  • mendes
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Pretty Boy. by CodyEdwards706
Pretty Cody Edwards
Taylor weighs a whopping 98 pounds, and in his mind he weights over 300 all thanks to a comment a few boys made in the locker room. He goes through sweat, blood, and tea...
  • anxious
  • hospitalization
  • anorexia
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but my love (Wattys2014 Talk of the Town Winner) by foreversmilin
but my love (Wattys2014 Talk of y a s
❝for I am nothing but a statue watching you come and go.❞ she refuses to let go of him, he refuses to know of her existence
  • stars
  • poetry
  • wattys2014
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✓ Cuppa Sugar [HS] by fxckinstyles
✓ Cuppa Sugar [HS]by Meg
Living next door to each other for the past 4 years and they have never once spoke nor saw each other until one needing a cuppa sugar. H.S. AU megan mirowski © fxckinsty...
  • skinny
  • ceo
  • possessive
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Fitness Tips by idk_leah
Fitness Tipsby Leah
♡just fitness tips and workouts♡ These tips are just from personal experience and should not be taken seriously
  • diet
  • fit
  • skinny
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Wait For Me// Steve Rogers- Captain America by saint_potter
Wait For Me// Steve Rogers- sara
Rebecca and Steve have been together for years. All the while, Steve has been trying to join the army but keeps getting rejected because of his size until a he meets a s...
  • chris
  • evans
  • steve
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The Winter's Servant {Stucky AU} COMPLETED by Zatanna323
The Winter's Servant {Stucky AU} idk
Steven has been Prince James's servant most of his life, ever since his mother got sick and he had to take her place serving in the royal palace. He's been in love with...
  • bucky
  • chrisevans
  • sebastianstan
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𝐲𝐨𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐭 | 𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙠𝙤𝙤𝙠 by chaeggis
𝐲𝐨𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐭 | 𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙠𝙤𝙤𝙠by 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐄
❝And now you're telling me you hate me and you don't even care of me? What do you mean, Jungkook?❞ In which Lisa would only eat yogurt every meal time.
  • liskook
  • blackbangtan
  • bts
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