To Be A Virtuous Wife by oktavina
To Be A Virtuous Wifeby Oktavina Dwi Jayanti
As a virtuous wife, does it include tolerating his cousin, enduring his concubines, bearing his mother? If you will not let me live freely, why would I let you live in...
  • imperial
  • protagonist
  • beautiful
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Irresistible Attraction  by sharmishtha24
Irresistible Attraction by sharmishtha nath
Alexander Rivera, CEO of River Corp. Handsome , cocky , player are just some of the used to describe him . Ruthless as the CEO. But can be sweet for his loved ones. ...
  • love
  • first
  • happy
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Hating & Loving Him {18+} [COMPLETED] by Devils_Assasin
Hating & Loving Him {18+} [ Hanna Jimenez
Katie is a good girl. Ace is a bad boy. Katie loves her dad. Ace hates his dad. They both have no mother, both lost a sibling, and they both have one problem...they hide...
  • kiss
  • bad
  • love
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Romancing a Heretic by odyssk75
Romancing a Hereticby Odysseus F. K
Hey everybody, thanks for taking a look here. This is NOT your typical wattpad story considering the demographics of the audience. If you are looking for sexually expl...
  • mythology
  • mythical
  • turmoil
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • logan
  • lerman
  • hate
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The Kissing Booth [SAMPLE] - Coming to Netflix May 11 by Reekles
The Kissing Booth [SAMPLE] - Beth Reeks
Meet Elle Evans. Pretty, popular - and never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn. Badass, volatile - and a total player. And also Elle's best friend's older brother... When Ell...
  • first
  • noah
  • boyfriend
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生き甲斐 » Na Jaemin #Wattys2017 by snowflakesonmylaptop
生き甲斐 » Na Jaemin #Wattys2017by inês
• BOOK 1 of NCT Dream Series • Ikigai (n.), lit. "a reason for being"; a reason to get up in the morning. She was clumsy and fell d...
  • dream
  • puppylove
  • kpop
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Heroic Death System by Forest_Green_31680
Heroic Death Systemby Hell Is My Heaven
I do not own the story and the cover image.All credit goes to the right owner. Author(s):Snowfield Specter/雪原幽灵 Translator:snowycodex Description "I curse you to ne...
  • sci-fi
  • strong
  • yaoi
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Youngest | Blackpink 5th Member by Cam_Mix
Youngest | Blackpink 5th Memberby Camille
Blackpink's fifth member, Miriam, is the youngest member in the group, being born in 1998. This is a book with different scenarios and imagines. I accept requests! Star...
  • first
  • koreanfanfic
  • rose
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Rookie in Love [SYTYCW 2013] by SarahLWhite
Rookie in Love [SYTYCW 2013]by Sarah White
Madeline Stone knows where her future is heading-her family has that part all figured out. On her twenty-first birthday she is stealing a few moments back from her own...
  • desire
  • first
  • girlfriend
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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder by suher1
Doomed to be Cannon Fodderby suher1
}{offline purpose}{ Written by: Whistling Night Rain (潇潇夜雨) Translated by: etvolare, Eudaimonia, Grace, Grenn, mycyan, Ruyi, timebun, tranzgeek, ying Edited by: Deyna Sh...
  • female
  • clever
  • care
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Alone(male reader)(Rainbow six siege) by Gxninsanity
Alone(male reader)(Rainbow six Gxninsanity
(Y/N) (L/N) was and an elite member from a black list group named primis.Ever since their death Y/N isolated himself from others.No one to trust,no one to love,a soldier...
  • story
  • ela
  • r6
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Highly Unlikely by fallenbabybubu
Highly Unlikelyby Louisse
She's quirky. He's flirty. She's real. He's ideal. She's Asian. He's European. She's out-of-this-world. He travels the world. She's never been kissed, while his kisses a...
  • unlikely
  • teen
  • fantasy
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#14 sophia
❝@agustd started following you.❞ in which jimin is noticed by his idol. YOONMIN | TOPKTH © 2017
  • wattys2018
  • btsfanfiction
  • yoonmin
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Where I Belong by Jalehly
Where I Belongby Lexine Jaleh
"You want me to teach you how to fuck or make love?" Meredith Tyler harbours the secret that she was only born into the world as a replacement for her sister w...
  • party
  • death
  • story
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The Unforgettable Kiss by just_a_normal_gurll
The Unforgettable Kissby just_a_normal_gurll
Alex's first kiss was stolen by a stranger, at least she thought he was but when she finds out the strangers real identity her life changes. Continue reading to find out...
  • first
  • teenlove
  • love
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The Perfect Date -  romance / love story by melitajoy
The Perfect Date - romance / Melita Joy
He'll need more than his wealth to impress her!! Billionaire Alessandro Dalmassi has everything he could possibly desire - smoldering looks, fast cars, and a recently a...
  • happilyeverafter
  • kiss
  • millsandboonstyle
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KEESH-  The Arranged Love Story 💓💓 by keesh_ki_dewaniii
KEESH- The Arranged Love Story 💓 keesh_ki_dewaniii
Hey keeshians ..... As we all love keesh so i decided to write story on my fav couple keesh .....the story is basically arranged marriage between two souls who try hard...
  • naksh
  • rishi
  • keesh
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Daughter of Black (A Harry Potter Love Story) by AppealingRose
Daughter of Black (A Harry Rose
James and Lily Potter Died and soon Sirius was taken in by Ministry as criminal. And with her own brother wanting his hands on her daughter, Alyssa Riddle had no choose...
  • malfoy
  • romance
  • ron
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Sang, Gifted(Complete) by BelindaPeters-Waine
Sang, Gifted(Complete)by Belinda Waine
I'm not a normal girl. I've known this since I was five years old and got my first gift. I have no idea where it came from, who I am, but it's something I have to learn...
  • victor
  • kota
  • ashleywaters
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