The First Twins by Unpaid_Jesus
The First Twinsby Iuri Rafael
This is my first story. The first twins is a fiction story about the first twins to exist and what people did when they saw what was born in their village. As they had n...
  • twins
  • darkages
  • fiction
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Her first love💝 by Himeli1
Her first love💝by Himeli1
A story on how friendship turns into crush and then finally love. But all of a sudden everything is shattered!!
  • sadstory
  • love
  • heartbreak
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Cat Crossing Your Path by F6110J
Cat Crossing Your Pathby Feron Jayawardene
Is it good? Is it Bad? or will it bring another view of life? Just read this short short story!
  • cat
  • serene
  • 2min
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Moonlight Awards 2018  by _themoonlightawards
Moonlight Awards 2018 by _themoonlightawards
Fan fiction Romance Teen Fiction Horror Even a book full of puns! Do you feel that your book(or someone else's) is not getting the credit that it deserves? Why don't...
  • coming
  • july
  • anually
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Just Us by touch--the-moonlight
Just Usby touch--the-moonlight
A story about two lovers struggling trying to find acceptance.
  • one
  • gay
  • aw
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MY BEST FRIEND//Jimin FF by swagmochi33
MY BEST FRIEND//Jimin FFby 윤민|스웩모찌
Bullies everywhere... You have a hard time keeping up with your friend with those "mean girls" bullying her. They threaten you to bully you too if you don't en...
  • bts
  • btsjimin
  • first
Firsts by icislovespizza
Firstsby icislovespizza
A journal of my firsts
  • growingup
  • college
  • comingofage
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Teach Me How to Kiss by honeyinajar
Teach Me How to Kissby honeyinajar
"You took my first kiss." "Well, do you want it back?" ... "Yeah."
  • firstboyfriend
  • teen
  • first
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Crush at First Sight (FST #1) by bbyjelyan
Crush at First Sight (FST #1)by jillian
FIRST SIGHT TRILOGY #1: CRUSH AT FIRST SIGHT High school is probably the time where you feel like you need a lifetime partner already. Gusto mo na agad magkarelasyon sa...
  • first
  • story
  • romance
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Good vs Evil by Abs133
Good vs Evilby Abs133
Two sisters born from the same kingdom get separated by two servants and one of the sisters gets taken to a different realm altogether so that one becomes evil and the o...
  • complete
distancy by sickk1
distancyby cal
  • first
Happy Ending by The_Cawing_Bird
Happy Endingby The Bird
Dolores was a girl on the move until her parents hit Brooklyn. There she met the now famous Steve Rodgers and James Barnes. They were the best of friends, but she didn't...
  • fanfiction
  • marvel
  • short
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Zodiac Trash by sunnylittlesunflower
Zodiac Trashby Calum is my Daddy
Zodiacs except they are probably terrible, honestly. I'm new to this So sue me.
  • leo
  • capricorn
  • taurus
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my first & last wish by ToobaKalhoro
my first & last wishby toka...👍
hello!! l tell you an amazing story its too good ....
  • day
  • first
As Told By Emma by Rea1mss
As Told By Emmaby Realms
"She won't love you back." If I could describe the feeling, it's being stuck in a revolving door with no exit. I wasn't expecting her to be an important person...
  • joey
  • girlxgirl
  • tara
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Water boy- for Kitty's contest/fun by Just4pokemons2004
Water boy- for Kitty's contest/funby Bella Myname
Lance was an average college student who was studying marine biology, worked at Starbucks, was a great surfer and falling to hard to catch on a certain mullet owning boy...
  • clollege
  • first
  • starbucks
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The Mystery Of Clara Middleton  by WayTooCrazy04
The Mystery Of Clara Middleton by WayTooCrazy
12 June 2010 - Girl Missing! The last known sighting of Clara Middleton was through a rear-view mirror. It was a cold, wet night in November and the man watching the 1...
  • first
  • lost
  • teenage
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