We were about to go on soon.

I wasn't nervous.

Not at all.

I was excited actually.

Because the quicker the gig was done, the sooner I would be able to see Drew again!

That's always good news to me.

Before we go on, one of us always tweets.

But usually were all on twitter!

And are fans are no idiots they know when were on so they always ask for follows and stuff like that.

I wanted to see if Drew had a twitter.

She did.

And she had ALOT of followers!

I was impressed!

But Drew is so like able I wasn't really surprised that people followed her.

But I wanted to send a tweet to our amazing fans before we went on.

It took me a minute to actually think it through.

I wanted this tweet to make sense.

And make it meaningful at the same time.

If that makes sense.

But at the same time...

I have to make it short because you can only tweet so much...


Then it finally came into my mind..

'Feeling like myself again... Better things to come soon! Xx Love you all!'

I hope Drew knew feeling like myself again meant because she made it.

She made me different in the first place.

Because she was gone without me and I couldn't get her off my mind.

And now that I have her back... I'm not letting her go!

After this gig I'm going to tell her the truth.

Let it all out to her.

And just pray to god and the heavens... 

that she feels the same way.

Because if not...

How could I go on?

With heartbreak?

Because I know this isn't gonna be an easy thing to overcome.

But I got to not think like that!

Well what ever happens.... happens.

And I will find out after I pour my heart out onto the stage.

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