I was pacing back and forth across the room.

I was getting nervous.

I was getting really worried about Drew,  the boys, Siva.

Everyone I cared about, everyone that I loved were involved in this situation.

Because of this girl.

But when you find the love of your life, they say time stops.

Whenever I'm around her my heart skips a beat.

Without her, I'm incomplete.

I'm not saying I love her...... but she means alot to me!

I kept tapping my foot not leaving my eyes off Drew.

As long as her heart was still beating, and she was breathing... she will be fine unti Siv gets here.


This makes me love this guy even more.

Yes we have a bromance.

If I was a girl, I would date him!

Nareesha is one lucky girl!

As the fans call me and Siva with our bromance, they call us Niva.

It's a combination between my name and Siva's.

He's awesome!

Such a good lad.

I don't know exactly where the guys were on tour right now, but there in the U.S. and its an emergency so I don't think Siva will take his precious time.

I took my phone out to check the time.

I took it out at perfect timing, because right then and there, Siva was calling me.

"Hey mate. Are you almost here?"

"Yeah Nath I will be there soon. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah she's still breathing.... just hurry!"

"I will mate see ya in a few, Nath."

"Alright bye bro! Seev!"

I always say his name in sing song voice.

I don't know why but that's always been my thing with him.

I got drawn out of my thoughts and Siva came through the door.

"Alright. Nath. Where's the girl?"

"Right here I set her down on the couch."

Siva followed me to the couch and we both grabbed her and laid her in the back seat of Siva's car.

We had to make it not look suspicious and with that a success, we were off to the hospital.

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