Terra: Werewolf (The Vulgari Hybrids, #1) ✔ by laaazybones
Terra: Werewolf (The Vulgari Karla Emille
COMPLETED ღ (MATURE) Highest Rank: #3 in Werewolf, #25 in Fantasy ❧ Five races. Five Gods. Five Kingdoms. Four Elementals. One evil Oracle. The Lupus race are the wolf s...
  • alpha
  • adventure
  • paranormal
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Dragon Heritage by Dragongirl216
Dragon Heritageby Arya R.G Nwright
Kiara Moonlight. A special name for a special girl. Kiara is just like any other girl or is she? Kiara was found on the doorstep of Kevin Williams one night. The moonlig...
  • royalty
  • dragon
  • swords
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Uncontrollable by XxRiah916Xx
Uncontrollableby ˗ˏˋI PURPLE YOUˎˊ˗
Ten years ago, a gruesome event took place in the home of sixteen-year-old Scarlett Wright. Her home used to be filled with laughter and excitement, now it's clouded wit...
  • past
  • air
  • thriller
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What Evil Brings (abused reader X RWBY Female) (Book 1) by RyanJersey
What Evil Brings (abused reader RyanJersey
This is a description, there are many like it but this one is mine
  • fire
  • revenge
  • abuse
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NICHOLAS JACOBS by chirppeeness
NICHOLAS JACOBSby chirppeeness
So... Today 26th of May...2k18... The devil decided to come to earth in human form... ************************************ "Sir Lucifer... Today is the day" An...
  • handsome
  • college
  • life
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Warriors || An ATLA Fanfiction by MissPrima
Warriors || An ATLA Fanfictionby E
Ba Sing Se. The great Earth Kingdom City. Mika Lee grew up surrounded by the lies of her family and her Kingdom. But things change once the Avatar and his friends arriv...
  • earthbending
  • growingup
  • aang
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Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Airbender) by FinlessShark
Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Thresher
Kumo was abandoned as a baby, left for the water tribe of the north. With white hair like a spirits and ice coloured eyes that pierced peoples' souls, She was an outcast...
  • ice
  • appa
  • avatar
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ARC10 by LLMontez
ARC10by LL Montez
**Winner of the 2017 Watty Storysmith award** The President created an underground safe-haven for the survivors of the alien invasion. He built it to save them all from...
  • sciencefiction
  • wattys2017
  • flight
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Fire Starter ♔ Bellamy Blake [1] by WhatsCrackaLackin
Fire Starter ♔ Bellamy Blake [1]by - K A Y C C ™
T H E 1 0 0 [UPDATES COMING THIS SUMMER] ❝You think you're witty cause everything you call me starts with 'fire', don't you?❞ ❝As a matter of fact, I do.❞ Blaze [ bl•ay...
  • 100
  • monty
  • bellamy
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The Fifth Element by wewa_daa_awesome
The Fifth Elementby CraZy CaT laDY
There is four elements known to mankind, Venti, Terra, Agua, and Fuego. Meaning, air, earth, water and fire. The four aspects of nature. But humanity has forgotten the f...
  • water
  • darkmagic
  • powers
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Two Avatars? | Aang  by tim-nam
Two Avatars? | Aang by 유기
One day when the world was most in need, there will be two saviours. And those saviours just happen to be connected in a very strong way~ *under major enjoying, sorry fo...
  • thewattys2016
  • avatarthelastairbender
  • iroh
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Royalty | Bellamy Blake [2] by civilwar12
Royalty | Bellamy Blake [2]by Black Wolf
BOOK TWO Ava is still going strong. She's still have a loving relationship with Bellamy. But what happens if their love is tested as new threats like a technology called...
  • clarkegriffin
  • bellamyblake
  • bobmorley
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The lost princess by nicolett_74
The lost princessby nicolett_74
Brooklyn is a senior at Ridgewood High. She lives a normal teenage life but what she doesn't know is that she isn't even close to normal. What happens when 2 new mysteri...
  • earth
  • past
  • mates
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Element COMPLETED (almost) by purplepuppy202
Element COMPLETED (almost)by Wien
Five Elements. One school. In a world unknown to man, there is a place called Dimicel. Each person who lives here controls one of the five elements- air, fire, earth, an...
  • element
  • dimicel
  • air
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Tantalizing Fate by curledlove
Tantalizing Fateby curledlove
Being an omega living in the 4th state, Krist has been living a comfortable life with his two brothers. What will happen when his unplanned heat brings changes into his...
  • fantasy
  • phayo
  • gun
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Academy For Elementals by Clarissa-Chase
Academy For Elementalsby Bethany
everything in her life was normal, well as normal as an elementals life like Juliette's can be. however thing turn interesting when she goes to an academy for people lik...
  • powers
  • air
  • elements
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New Beginning (Percy Jackson/Twilight Crossover) by xXx_percabeth_xXx
New Beginning (Percy Jackson/ Dana Louise 💕
Italy Jackson, twin sister of Percy Jackson, has decided she needs a break from the life of a demigod, so she leaves to go live with Charlie Swan and his daughter, Bella...
  • percabeth
  • wolves
  • gods
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poison & wine || bellamy blake by yslaila
poison & wine || bellamy blakeby ?
"Whats your full name?" "Lux Pierce." "Your real name." "Lux Jaha." - In which Lux Jaha falls for a guy who shot her father. Lux...
  • romance
  • bellamyblake
  • bwwm
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The Crystal Chronicles by AlessiaDickson
The Crystal Chroniclesby Alessia Dickson
[FINISHED] Sixteen-year-old Alyssa Brooks is a high-school outcast who doesn't realize that she's living in a world where magic is very real and a dire threat to anyone...
  • school
  • magicalrealism
  • rivalry
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Crystal Academy The Long Lost Legendary Princess of Merandelle by NadineQuia17
Crystal Academy The Long Lost ARMY_FOREVER
This story is full of wrong grammars and typos so kung ang hanap nyo ay perfect na story wag nyo nalang po itong basahin leave and never read my story Athena Nicole Alen...
  • earth
  • wattys2018
  • thunder
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