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Fire You Are (Zuko Love Story) by Robotii
Fire You Are (Zuko Love Story)by Andrea
Aida arrived as a young child to the South Pole Water Tribes after a Fire Nation raid. Left alone when everyone had left, a kind old lady decided to take her in knowing...
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Fearless by Summer_Girl365
Fearlessby Imo
"maybe we should start calling you princess." "princess? bellamy blake, i'm the fucking queen." Book 1-based on series 1 & 2 (TV series 'The 100' Be...
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Balance by Lucia_Rose_Woodlyn
Balanceby Lucy
Elua's purpose has always been to protect and help her brother, Avatar Aang, keep balance to the world. One night, her brother runs away from home. She makes the decisio...
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The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 2 > A:TLA  by xdistantwords
The Ruka Wild ↠ Book 2 > A:TLA by ✩
( sequel to The Ruka Wild > book 1 ) Join Ruka on her journey alongside Prince Zuko and former General Iroh for her new destiny has begun. For the highs and the lows...
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Sight ↣ A:TLA by xdistantwords
Sight ↣ A:TLAby ✩
Thalia's (TALL-E-YUH) life begins anew when she meets the Avatar and his friends. Her strong-willed personality will help her win the battles she'd never thought she'd f...
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Genesis B.B by Gerlithequeen
Genesis B.Bby Gerli
Book 1. 101 prisoners are sent down to earth but how many are going to survive? ------- Everybody cheered "Long live the Queen!" I looked at Bellamy who smirke...
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MEWGULF// OUR DESTINY  (Completed)  by Miss_Teryoso_11477
MEWGULF// OUR DESTINY (Completed) by Binibining_J
When P'Mew owns a cafe and Gulf is his regular customer that always wink at him. P'Mew thought it was natural because he had the looks tho he only likes it when Gulf mak...
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Under the Cherry Blossom ↠ Zuko x OC ✔️ by SparklyWaffle
Under the Cherry Blossom ↠ Zuko anna
Arlington and her pet dog, Peanut, miraculously end up in the World of Avatar in search for her mother. Through her journey she meets a certain Banished Prince of the...
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Temporary - Red Thread/UWMAseries English Translation [End] by giapohonjati
Temporary - Red Thread/ ♡gia♡
this is the temporary replacement of the Red Thread book which previously disappeared (My Wattpad is error). I will publish this book until the original book recovered. ...
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Artius Academy :The Unknown Girl by CJKyria
Artius Academy :The Unknown Girlby Serendipity
"Time has come, I need to conquer it all" Isang babae na gustong makalaya at makita ang totoong mundo. Ngunit may malalaman siya na makakapagpabago sa kanya. B...
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Shoelaces (A Bellamy Blake Fanfiction) by Blue_Bird_09
Shoelaces (A Bellamy Blake Rebecca
*Updates every Monday* "Hey, Shoelaces." "Hey, Bellamy." Sophia Carter has been locked up since she was 16. Her best friend framed her for a crime s...
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Plutonian by SoniaJohn
Plutonianby Sonia John
A fake relationship, a diabolical plan and a threat to the human race. The only thing that ties them together is an eighteen year old girl's choice, that could change th...
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The Children Of   The Elements by perfectpink123
The Children Of The Elementsby Stephyamanda
( SOMETIMES I CAN BE SLOW AT UPDATING.) ( SOMETIMES MY GRAMMAR ISN'T GREAT) The story takes place with the life of a young girl names willow. Follow Willow as she goes...
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Princess | Bellamy Blake [1]  by civilwar12
Princess | Bellamy Blake [1] by Black Wolf
BOOK ONE Ava Kane is Bellamy Blake's best friend, the daughter of Marcus Kane and was nicknamed 'The Princess' on the Ark. After a nuclear apocalypse that killed everyon...
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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. [Thranduil] by Annabanana2895
What happens in Vegas stays in αηηα Cantacessi
Meet Angela James your typical party girl who so happens to be a stripper in Las Vegas and has the reputation of the youngest and most beautiful bachelorette in Las Vega...
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I'm Trapped in AOT by ChasingRoyalty
I'm Trapped in AOTby Chace
You always have live a peaceful life but when you fall asleep while watching 'Attack On Titan' you find your dream becoming reality. How will you survive when you're tra...
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The Woodworlds Academy by Addicted_to_death
The Woodworlds Academyby Addicted_to_death
"Hey! If you're going to fight atleast have the decency of fighting fair." I shouted at him. "Mate!" the Alpha said, pulling me towards him and hugg...
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The Four - Book 1 by gracey_liz
The Four - Book 1by gracey_liz
-"You're special, fire boy," the man grins, "you and the others are just getting started." - Fire. Earth. Water. Air. It's 2890. In the US, eve...
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Royalty | Bellamy Blake [2] -editing- by civilwar12
Royalty | Bellamy Blake [2] Black Wolf
BOOK TWO Ava is still going strong. She's still has a loving relationship with Bellamy. But what happens if their love is tested as new threats like a technology called...
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The Undiscovered Girl (Avatar: the Last Airbender; Book 2: Earth) by Dancing_Angel88
The Undiscovered Girl (Avatar: Writing_Princess
Having discovered her worst nightmare had come true, Aya is still traveling with her older brother and sister and the Avatar. Aya finally got her wish and discovered her...
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