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The Shrink Ray by GraktungTrakgung
The Shrink Rayby GT
You are Jasper, a 21 year old boy who gets kidnapped, and used as a test subject for an experimental device known as the Shrinkmatic-8902. This is gonna be either great...
Not Another Cinderella Story by YourAverageNerd_
Not Another Cinderella Storyby Your Average Nerd
Cindy Ella Woods didn't expect anything to happen when she agreed to go to the spring masquerade ball. That is, until she drops her bracelet after dancing with a masked...
The Shrinking Virus - Shrunk by GraktungTrakgung
The Shrinking Virus - Shrunkby GT
15 year old Trevor is at home, during an outbreak of the new, highly dangerous shrinking virus. Will he catch it? And if he does, will he survive?
Lover Mart by lovermart
Lover Martby Lover Mart
Lover Mart is a premier retailer that provides high quality products and information that promotes sexual health, pleasure, and empowerment. We're happy to provide a saf...
Mommy Knows Your Secret - Shrunk by GraktungTrakgung
Mommy Knows Your Secret - Shrunkby GT
14 year old Chris gets a big surprise when his Mom finds out about his little "secret" and decides to punish him. Hi! Little note: This video was inspired by t...
What If Cinderella Never Left Her Shoe? by thelazyprince
What If Cinderella Never Left kael
[A Wattpad Featured Story] Raemus hates the idea of the season of love that is coming very near. He knows he will be alone again. He tries to forget about the romance un...
100 dares.... by leena12233
100 leena
it all about DARES...... (not all the dares are mine, some are from readers, the internet and some are mine :) cover made by me ( leena12233)
Lets just say.... The Battle Never Ends (Sequel to lets just say... IWNET) by BUBSTER_Na_Na_
Lets just say.... The Battle Savannah
(This is a sequel to lets just say.. I was not expecting this. I suggest reading that one before reading this one or you will be completely lost!) No matter what year...
The School Project - Shrunk by GraktungTrakgung
The School Project - Shrunkby GT
14 year old Jaiden needs to do his part for the school project. He didn't help at all. Now, his 2 classmates are going to use him for the test.
12 to 12 CINDERELLA by kirurukiruki
12 to 12 CINDERELLAby Kiwi Ordinario
12-12 CINDERELLA Allen goes back to his grandparents farm house in Prince Edward Island only to find the girl who left behind a shoe at his place several years ago, Yumi...
foot fetish with monika (ddlc) by The_lewder
foot fetish with monika (ddlc)by The_lewder
Hey there! This is a foot/sock/shoe story of the common girl from ddlc, monika! If you don't like fetish, just ignore this, that's all, easy, right?
The danger in the shoe language by QueenCella123
The danger in the shoe languageby Cella Gentile
The danger in the shoe language
If the Shoe Fits (Completed) by tiptoe13
If the Shoe Fits (Completed)by Madeline Taylor
What would you do if a mysterious admirer started sending you love notes under the name 'Prince Charming'? Would you attempt to discover his identity or just enjoy the m...
Captivating Books on Wattpad by shrutuk
Captivating Books on Wattpadby spandan
Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well. - Mark Haddon Welcome to yet another list of wonderful books on Wattpad. After Addictive Book...
ROBLOX FLEX by jiminsuyu
roblox with jordans SHEEESHH🥶🥶🥶
love everlasting  by Grace6527
love everlasting by g1223
a draco is in love with a girl named wanda. read to see there love everlast.or not 😳
Demnootfond oneshots (dreamnotfound)  by clarkity
Demnootfond oneshots ( clarkity
dreamnotfound oneshots bc i cant create one whole story (believe me i tried)
Original Cinderella by LaughHerondale22
Original Cinderellaby LaughHerondale22
Grimm Brothers - Cinderella This is not my Story.
The Not So Great Shoe Thief | LUNA LOVEGOOD by watsonswitch
The Not So Great Shoe Thief | ronnie :D
❝To me, she is a queen and I am but a lowly peasant.❞ ❝You're certainly smelly enough...❞ ❝Hannah, I'm having a crisis here!❞ ------ Not the purest Slytherin by a long w...
The Missing Child and The Stolen Shoe by SarahShalomDavid
The Missing Child and The Stolen SarahShalomDavid
Andrea has a meeting at Runway to attend so leaves her daughter in the care of Emily but what happens when 6-month-old Myra goes missing?