Flights // Billie Eilish  by jamigs18
Flights // Billie Eilish by jamigs18
"What's there to even do during an eight hour long flight delay?" "Wanna fall in love?" girlxgirl achieved #1 under billie eilish achieved #1 under l...
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  • texting
  • lgbt
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Is This Really Real? (Billie Eilish) by VanessaEnnis
Is This Really Real? (Billie Eilis...by Ness
GirlxGirl Elle, an 18 year old college student who had just moved to LA to live with her best friends Elijah and Isaac Bell, is stressed and is working on a short story...
  • eilish
  • texting
  • lesbian
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • romance
  • revelation
  • bonus
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How I Fell For Death (Myths Finding Love #2) by AerithSage
How I Fell For Death (Myths Findin...by Alyssa Urbano
[COMPLETED!] (Sequel to How to be a Queen) Aerith and Hades already have their fairytale ending. They've also been blessed with twins: Aidon and Aurea. I'm Aurea by the...
  • king
  • marriage
  • friendzone
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A lonely girl by elenhmail
A lonely girlby elenhmail
Did you ever feel alone when you are with your friends? Did you ever feel lost in your city? Did you ever think to escape abroad ? Well, there's only an answer to all...
  • loneliness
  • abroad
  • feelings
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Feather Light by Blondeanddangerous
Feather Lightby Kate J. Squires
If you had wings... If you could fly... How would it affect your life? Your love? Your freedom? Keira has wings, and she is alone. The city girl hides her wings fro...
  • angel
  • newadultromance
  • fantasy
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Draeyer Academy by ShanaZeren
Draeyer Academyby Shana Zeren
(FIRST DRAFT) (53 Chapters + Bonus Materials) The Draes are wild, dangerous, magnificent and powerful creatures that thrive in Kosmiks. In their presence, the ancestral...
  • friendship
  • fantasy
  • magic
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Soar by shebephoebe
Soarby Phoebe
Please note: this is a third-draft story but is not revised. More than a century ago, dragons and the blue-eyed Shaderi flew together. Then they were brought down by je...
  • dragon-rider
  • adventure
  • dragons
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What Heroes Are by katelynmckelle
What Heroes Areby Katelyn McKelle
Wattys 2018 Longlist. | Previously a featured story. | Complete. Renauda Kelso has a secret. More than just one actually, seeing as being a superhero requires keeping m...
  • projectsuper
  • super
  • sciencefiction
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The Dark Rider [Dragon Riders #2]  by NumberFourTheNumber
The Dark Rider [Dragon Riders #2] by NumberFourTheNumber
READ BOOK ONE: The School of Dragon Riders FIRST!!! Medea is back from the dead. Literally, she is sent back from the dead. And she has to kill someone that escaped the...
  • school
  • magic
  • rider
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ARC10 by LLMontez
ARC10by LL Montez
**Winner of the 2017 Watty Storysmith award** The President created an underground safe-haven for the survivors of the alien invasion. He built it to save them all from...
  • evacuation
  • badass
  • family
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Morph [EDITING] || Wattys 2017 Winner by Hannah_Watson_
Morph [EDITING] || Wattys 2017 Win...by Hannah Watson
"They took my sister. Now I'm taking her back." Seventeen years ago, humans started developing supernatural abilities. Comic books came true as the fir...
  • action
  • superhero
  • superhuman
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The Flight Delay by kelly_1231
The Flight Delayby m.k
When Jessica finds herself stuck in an airport days before Christmas due to a flight delay, she encounters aspiring actor, Drew Hartley, who just so happens to be her ex...
  • winter
  • funny
  • love
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Feather Dark by Blondeanddangerous
Feather Darkby Kate J. Squires
Book two in the Feather Light series. Even when you have wings, you can't fly away from your troubles forever... Keira is in danger - and this time, Noah and Leigh aren'...
  • angels
  • youngadult
  • flying
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Flight || Newt Scamander by fairlyfalling
Flight || Newt Scamanderby Bubble
"Sometimes I need to fly." "And why is that?" "When you're up there, in all those clouds. You actually can get a little taste of freedom."
  • fantasticbeasts
  • newtscamander
  • flight
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When I Sleep | ✓ by treblehearts
When I Sleep | ✓by jess
Months pass since the horrible accident that's created a rift between Ellie and the man she loves. While she wishes to end the everlasting heartache, dreams of wishes co...
  • realization
  • night
  • flight
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Avatar: Zukikatomika by BiancaEvans2
Avatar: Zukikatomikaby LegolasG5*
Zukikatomika was a human girl before she went to Pandora with her aunt Grace. Where she became the first child to the Avatar program. But she loved meeting the Na'vi and...
  • pandora
  • flight
  • tribe
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My One And Only (Original Work) by AureliaCrystal
My One And Only (Original Work)by Aurelia Crystal
Sean and Amelia are the bestest of friends - a platonic one at that too. Sean has many girlfriends and always asks Amelia to pose as his girlfriend when he wants to brea...
  • trust
  • hate
  • amelia
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My Name Is Eleanor Devitt.  by Dark_AlphaWolf
My Name Is Eleanor Devitt. by Dark_AlphaWolf
"People ask me why I am this way, Why I live in the woods and not in a sheltered home... I say it's because I'm used to being outside, but the real reason was becau...
  • eleanor
  • brayden
  • sonicscream
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Lighthouse to my Lost Ship by Sharlie_brady66
Lighthouse to my Lost Shipby Ruth
In the darkest forest called life, Angela Garcia is following herself until she meets her torchbearer, the one who not only guided her through the night but lit like nev...
  • edwin
  • freckles
  • angela
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