The Fates Of Mates by panicatthekittens
The Fates Of Matesby Nina
Dawn had always felt something was off about her two best friends. But when she found out that they were her mates and she would be with them for the rest of her life, s...
  • girl
  • marking
  • animal
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The Perfect Submissive  by uniquelynisha
The Perfect Submissive by nisha
Sub·mis·sive/səbˈmisiv/Submit/adjective : Ready To Conform To The Authority Or Will Of Others; Meekly Obedient Or Passive. Nineteen year old Jasmine Walker Is a single m...
  • charm
  • maturelanguage
  • dominate
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DEVIL'S ORGIN by hellfighter18
DEVIL'S ORGINby hellfighter18
When I woke up, I became the Demon King!? It's my responsibility as the Demon King to increase the monster population, and the only way to do that is to mate with as man...
  • adult
  • elements
  • demon
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Short Love Stories | ✔ by cosmictheories
Short Love Stories | ✔by jiminology.
#236 in Short Story "The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you're completely amazing." ...
  • caring
  • justwriteit
  • love
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Overprotective and Caring RWBY x male child Faunus reader by ShaNEON_757
Overprotective and Caring RWBY x ShaNEON_757
I decided to work on a story like this after reading a certain story kinda like this. So, in this you are a Panda Faunus and you was abandoned and left on your own, unti...
  • yangxiaolong
  • malereader
  • caring
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You & I ✓ by MissR12
You & I ✓by MissR12
Highest rank #1 in romance- 2.8.2017 Ethan Monroe, 26, hotshot billionaire. Future CEO of Monroe Industries. He is the dream of every woman and the idol of every man. W...
  • lovetriangle
  • drama
  • flirt
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NEET Received A Dating Sim System by Kenki34
NEET Received A Dating Sim Systemby Kenki34
A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world...
  • change
  • fantasy
  • romance
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Protect the Rose (Overprotective and Caring RWBY X Male Reader) by VKR123
Protect the Rose (Overprotective VKR123
Ok your (Y/N) Rose the adopted son of Taiyang and Summer younger brother of Yang Xiao Long and older brother of Ruby Rose RWBY belong to rooster teeth
  • blakebelladona
  • weissschnee
  • rwby
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Limitless love by Diyasoni16
Limitless loveby Diyasoni16
Love can change a rude person into joyful person. That like story is we r going to see. it is a love story between two people. this story is a cute n romantic story...
  • ky2
  • sadness
  • friends
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Made for each other  by _amara15
Made for each other by Amara_15
#UNDER EDITING # ➡ impressive ranking ⬅ # 1 in made # 1 in halallove # 2 in moments (finally) # 3 in muslimlovestory *********************** #19 in spiritual(16.06.2018)...
  • halal
  • loving
  • cute
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Bad Boy's Baby by kimborley2000
Bad Boy's Babyby Kimborley2000
She never expected her life to be so difficult at the age of 16. Being unpopular was one thing, but having the bad boys baby was another She never expected any of this t...
  • truth
  • boy
  • trust
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Am I Married To The Billionaire Player | ✔️ by MarinaCostassss
Am I Married To The Billionaire Marina Costas
(COMEPLETE) B-2 "Who was that guy that was in that bed next to mine?!" I yell at the nurse as she quickly heaves since she had ran here to come to me. I mean...
  • caring
  • ems
  • multiple
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Caring Team RWBY, Pyrrha, Velvet, and Coco x Depressed and Cheated Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
Caring Team RWBY, Pyrrha, ShaNEON_757
This was a story that appeared in my head after ready some more reader inserts that involves this and I never seen some where Team RWBY, Pyrrha, Velvet, and Coco helps t...
  • weissschnee
  • velvetscarlatina
  • depression
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I Am His Slave by blue_12Right
I Am His Slaveby blue_12Right
She was on the floor looking straight down at her feet. How could this happen to her, how could her family been in so much trouble that she would be traded into a world...
  • controlled
  • sir
  • mean
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The Baby (BXB) {MPREG} [PAUSED] by LunaPack
The Baby (BXB) {MPREG} [PAUSED]by Meggers❤️
{viewer discretion is advised- BxB moments- I warned u- may offend- mature scenes-mpreg.} don't know if this will actually happen^ A vampire BxB couple decide to have a...
  • adventure
  • gay
  • children
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The Outcast Girl  by Kamoyrocks
The Outcast Girl by Kamoy Merchant
Julia Pepper, a black,brown straight-curly hair with dark brown eyed, african girl. She used to live in Jamaica. When her mom died,her whole life came crashing down. Her...
  • inspiring
  • passion
  • caring
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My Alpha King by LittleDino114
My Alpha Kingby LittleDino
My name is Snow. I'm 17 years old and I'm a werewolf, I'm the daughter of the strongest pack epect the alpha kings pack. There was a rogue attack and I lost my mom and...
  • alpha
  • crazy
  • forms
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Adopted by Bts(fanfic) by fangirl_exotic
Adopted by Bts(fanfic)by Fangirl_k-pop
The story is about a girl who lives in the orphanage since she was an infant . She got adopted several times but not too long because they always return her to the orpha...
  • caring
  • drama
  • loveforeachother
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The Millionaires Nanny by erinstyless012
The Millionaires Nannyby erinstyles12839
Nick Catino. One of the youngest millionaires on earth. Handsome, charming- and also a father. A simple one night stand turned into two twin boys being left on his doors...
  • money
  • mom
  • millionaire
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Open My Eyes by Kunfabulate
Open My Eyesby Kay
He isn't like other guys. He's blind. «» [highest ranks: #1 in uplifting] [ #1 in iggy] [ #1 in optimism] [...
  • saints
  • blind
  • iggy
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