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Harry Potter's Twin by AlliNeedisYou912
Harry Potter's Twinby Sam
A small baby girl cried out into the night, her voice filled with sorrow and terror. The scenes being played out around her crib scared her and the searing pain on her s...
  • fiction
  • harry
  • feelings
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Family Issues by dolan_121
Family Issuesby dolan_121
6 older overprotective brothers. No parents. First year of high school that more than half her brothers go to. What can go wrong? Especially when she finds out a lil so...
  • family
  • familyissues
  • highschool
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The Head Girl by yuktsakaria
The Head Girlby yuktsakaria
A story about a rich girl who gets anything she wants, but she isn't snobby as most rich people are. She's friendly, when she wants to be. She, also is the head girl of...
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • bromance
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Oh Brothers by honestotter
Oh Brothersby honestotter
"Something you want to ask me?" he asks, amused. "Nope," I pop the 'p' sound and don't even spare him a glance. My eyes are transfixed on the city l...
  • wealth
  • fame
  • relationships
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Family groupchat      {Dolan twins} by babykuwonu12
Family groupchat {Dolan twins}by Caitlin
In which you are the twins little sister. You and your twin, Colby, are in a groupchat with your older siblings Cameron, Grayson and Ethan. Drama may kick off who knows
  • kelseycalemine
  • dolantwins
  • graysondolan
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This Love ✔️ by booklings21
This Love ✔️by Lulu Eliot
Boring. That is one word to describe Sadie Jefferson's life. She goes to school, is on the honor roll, has two best friends, comes from a wealthy family, and is secretly...
  • projectcharacter
  • possessive
  • lovetriangle
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An Unexpected Year {Teacher/Student} COMPLETED by RebeccaOwl
An Unexpected Year {Teacher/ Rebecca Owl
His rough hands pushed me firmly against the wall. He placed his hands on either sides of my head, I was cornered with nowhere to go. He pressed his big muscular body up...
  • friendship
  • school
  • teenfiction
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My 5 Brothers  by quirkyteen101
My 5 Brothers by caz
Being the only girl in a house full of boys is hard! Not only does she have to fend for herself in a house full of testosterone, she has to live with the constant remind...
  • completed
  • brother
  • teenager
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The Bad Boy's Game ✔ (Editing) by ForgotTheEggs
The Bad Boy's Game ✔ (Editing)by Jane
Layla Harrison. Ask anyone in her hometown about her and you'll get a cluster fuck of answers, all of which are cliche. Because that's who she was. The girl with the...
  • college
  • badboy
  • love
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Falling For My Brother✔️ by MikaShay
Falling For My Brother✔️by Mikaylee Sims-Reyes
"You promised! You promised you would never leave me!" I sobbed into my hands as I saw him pack up. "Jessica, you know I don't want to go. I don't have a...
  • dare
  • promise
  • onedare
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Telepathic Twins by xxnikexx
Telepathic Twinsby xxnikexx
Aleksandra is a girl who has been picked on for being different. Well, not really 'picked on', more like 'tortured and studied', but same thing, right? Anyway, things...
  • agony
  • crazy
  • twins
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Baby Sis by jay_2001
Baby Sisby jay_2001
Ethan Sanders is a college student in upper Georgia learning to be an engineer. His dreams must abruptly come to a holt as he is forced to care for his 3 year old sister...
  • death
  • care
  • brother
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The Gangleader's Girl by PaperSkin
The Gangleader's Girlby ǝuıdnɔɹod
"What happened to your eye?" He asks, I totally forgot. There's a little bruise next to my eye from when my mom got home last night. "Oh uhh...uhhh I-I fe...
  • brother
  • wattys2018
  • gangleader
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My Brothers Gang by misstialeon
My Brothers Gangby misstialeon
⚠️Language and mild sexual stuff⚠️ Maddie has travelled all the way from London to Los Angeles to stay with her brother because her parents can't take care of her anymor...
  • badboy
  • ganglife
  • mybadboy
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The Rockstar Chronicles by LeahPriceAuthor
The Rockstar Chroniclesby Leah Price
Lindy Madison is just a normal, everyday teen. A normal, everyday teen who happens to have a stage mom and a famous brother, that is. When her brother is signed as part...
  • bands
  • teenagers
  • singer
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Silently Falling by EverlarkCatoniss
Silently Fallingby Liz
❤️PUBLISHED under the new title "Juste Un Signe" and available to purchase online❤️ #1 in Teen Fiction -- "Sunshine, what guy do you know has a weird fet...
  • wattys2017
  • fiction
  • humor
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The Gangleader And Me by RoxyRose942
The Gangleader And Meby Cutie❤️
[WARNING!! There are a lot of grammar mistakes!!!] 'What's your name, cupcake??' The most feared of all.......Zane Rodzer asked me 'De-Destiny' I said very softly as it...
  • danger
  • boyfriend
  • brother
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Not Your Average Family by jamiwrites
Not Your Average Familyby j a m i
A family torn apart by a bad past. A twenty two year old who is basically a father of three. Teenagers without parental guidance. A ten year old boy who was raised by a...
  • comingofage
  • love
  • highschool
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I Thought You Hated Me [Incest] by That_Writer101
I Thought You Hated Me [Incest]by Shonelle
Highest Rank: #20 in Short Story: 08/10/17 "Why can't you just wait until I at least finish the last episode?" I ask. "Because this series is shit!"...
  • incest-story
  • love
  • short-story
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My Brother's Bestfriend  by AlexisChandler280
My Brother's Bestfriend by Alexis Brionna💜
Raven and her big brother Ryan was close. They where almost inseparable.! She looked up to her big brother for
  • girl
  • brother
  • love
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