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130 Days Of Wincest by BeTheSammyToMyDean
130 Days Of Wincestby ∆ Satan ∆
It is what it says: 130 days of Wincest. 30 days of love and 100 days of kinks. All mixed into one book. I'll try to update one every single day. These aren't all long...
  • kinks
  • fluff
  • love
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28 Days | Jungkook  by drawfavs
28 Days | Jungkook by drawfavs
You & Jeon Jungkook despise each other. It wasn't fair that someone with a crappy personality had everything-enviable grades, ideal physique and wealth. But what i...
  • poetry
  • taehyung
  • bts
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Another 130 Days Of Wincest by BeTheSammyToMyDean
Another 130 Days Of Wincestby ∆ Satan ∆
This is basically the same idea as the other one, in which there's just 130 days of small drabbles and all that. I can't promise I'll update every single day but fuck me...
  • angst
  • weecest
  • dean
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30 Day oneshot challenge (FRERARD) by YouTube-Inception
30 Day oneshot challenge (FRERARD)by YouTube-Inception
The clue is in the title really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway enjoi this, I have never done something like this that makes me seem so committed to writing. To be fair I thought fuc...
  • highschool
  • gerard
  • danger
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close as strangers ↣ joshler by nicosniners
close as strangers ↣ joshlerby c-daddy
(SEQUEL TO GLORY DAYS! read that before you read this or you will be heavily confused) "What are you doing here?" "I work here." "Fuck." ...
  • best
  • tyler
  • joshdun
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130 Days Of Wincest, Again? by BeTheSammyToMyDean
130 Days Of Wincest, Again?by ∆ Satan ∆
Well, by now y'all kind of know how this works, right? It's going to be fun, doing this for a third time. I hope you have a nice time reading! Love you! Xx - L
  • cute
  • wincest
  • love
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Candlelight (Axel X Reader) by swirlingIdiocy
Candlelight (Axel X Reader)by MauveSoul
You're falling. Darkness is everywhere, and you have absolutely no idea where you are. You don't know who or even what you are. Soon enough you're met with a face full o...
  • 358
  • sora
  • zexion
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Golden Days (PL) by koxufoxu
Golden Days (PL)by koxufoxu
Złote Dni Nadchodzą
  • animatroniki
  • animatrony
  • wattys2018
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Sad Love Quotes. by BryerMendes_1998
Sad Love bryer
Title says it all
  • heartbrokenquotes
  • days
  • mendes
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Want to Know What Love is? (Bisexual Story) by joowlsxz
Want to Know What Love is? ( ✨
Bisexual Story
  • kilig
  • gxgstory
  • hurt
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Left Behind(completed) by Demonji_35
Left Behind(completed)by Dimasalang
hangang kailan mo kayang maghintay sa taong mahal mo?
  • days
  • dasel
  • rye
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"a tattoo, hell no!" "hey, you cursed, it's about time!" - started: 8.15.15 @ 12:17am - ended: 5.31.16 @ 4:57pm - ©-lawley , 2017 - edited but still...
  • magconfanfiction
  • romance
  • fun
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Fuck away the pain (Underfell Sans x Reader) by KittyBleh
Fuck away the pain (Underfell 🎀
Based off the song:- (By Divide the Day) Papyrus had just left you in the worst way possible. You had it coming, it was quite obvious that he was going to do it eventua...
  • fanfiction
  • fell
  • underfell
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Be my little by littleone2106
Be my littleby littleone2106
A stressed girl friend is forced into being a little by her dominant boyfriend, while she does everything in her capacity to not be dependent on him.
  • daddy
  • days
  • ddlg
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31 Days with Kim Hanbin ✔ by ilovemykoo
31 Days with Kim Hanbin ✔by karylle treyes
❝ maybe we're perfect strangers ❞ •° Sequel: Four Corners with Kim Hanbin °• © All rights reserved || 2016 一 ilovemykoo
  • junhoe
  • thirty
  • one
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What will save us? by nichole244261
What will save us?by nicholepizza
She ran. That's what she always does, what shes been doing for the past 8 months. Will she run fast enough, or will her past finally catch up to her? And if it does, who...
  • jet
  • fun
  • frank-iero
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Babysitter  ☞ 19 Days/He Tian X Mo Guan Shan by nicotinecv
Babysitter ☞ 19 Days/He Tian X 3 am
He tian, Jian Yi and Zhang xixi's parents decided to go into a two week vacation without them and hired a babysitter to look after the three trouble makers. And that bab...
  • hong
  • tian
  • boy
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time eternal. by mikaylaTommo57
time mik
" time is very slow for those who wait. very fast for those who are scared. very long for those who lament. very short for those who celebrate. but for those who lo...
  • past
  • jackman
  • days
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Eyes Open by HonorInTheRain
Eyes Openby Ally
The unscripted pieces of the lives of Hadley, Archer, and everyone possible from their world.
  • paranormal
  • death
  • spin
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20 DAYS  by Sugarbabe32
Imagine being stuck in a room with the person you hate the most in life for an hour? Now imagine if you were stuck with that person for 20 DAYS in the same room and you...
  • lesbian
  • writing
  • beynika
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