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I want to be Mrs FredWeasley but.... by MrsFredWeasley
I want to be Mrs FredWeasley Casey
Ally Potter is a normal girl just like any other girl excepet she's Harry Potter's older sister. She loves pranks, reading, quidditch and a certain red head. Follow her...
  • sirius
  • won
  • george
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Harry Potter Prefrences   ( d i s c o n t i n u t e d )  by bryxdominates
Harry Potter Prefrences ( d i bry™
i wrote these a long time ago™ so don't be alarmed bc they are cringy 100% so yeah don't hate ❌
  • neville
  • oliver
  • draco
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Peinture et troubadour by louise_briseorgueil
Peinture et troubadourby Louise Briseorgueil
George est une jeune femme. Elle sait que déjà à l'annonce de cette information elle a perdu la moitié de ses interlocuteurs. Mais George n'y peut rien, c'est une femme...
  • geroge
  • amitié
  • amour
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So I Met Ricky Deeming by KiplingKat
So I Met Ricky Deemingby KiplingKat
Written in response to a fanfic challenge "What would happen if I met Ricky Deeming of "Inspector George Gently"?
  • richard
  • geroge
  • deeming
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Snape's Precious Cargo (ON HOLD) by AbbieInWonderland11
Snape's Precious Cargo (ON HOLD)by Abbie
Ellora Snape is the daughter of, none other than Severus Snape, Potion's teacher at Hogwarts. She was sorted into Ravenclaw, and must to her father's dismay, has become...
  • sister
  • geroge
  • ginny
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I Cant Believe I Fell in Love with You!! Or Can I? (A Draco Malfoy love story) by Annie_loves_writing
I Cant Believe I Fell in Love Anna
Anna Belle Deafly is a 5th year at Hogwarts in Slytherin house, she is compared to Draco Malfoy when it comes to attitude. She doesn't take anything from anyone but when...
  • young
  • lestrange
  • death
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I'll Be Your Strength *Nathan Sykes Love Story Finished* by jennasykes
I'll Be Your Strength *Nathan Jenna Sykes
  • mcguiness
  • breaths
  • george
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Harry Potter One-Shots by Hermione_Danger256
Harry Potter One-Shotsby i want to die
Yay! Harry Potter One-Shots! Warning: THIS MAY MAKE YOU CRY. A LOT.
  • ginny
  • sad
  • harrypotter
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Alone by TheWordsIWrite99
Aloneby Alexis Fisher
When you were reading DH and you came to the tragedy of Fred's death were you unsatisfied by the lack of detail J.K.R gave? I was, but I was also elated. J.K left us roo...
  • weasley
  • harrypotter
  • geroge
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Reality Teen Drama by danicaaye
Reality Teen Dramaby Danica
Carrie Youth, a teenage actress, has everything a normal girl could wish for... Money, looks and admiration from a lot of guys. But this is not enough when secrets and m...
  • accident
  • kissing
  • beautiful
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The Secret American Apartheid by IconicSince84
The Secret American Apartheidby Mark Campbell
  • african
  • american
  • community
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Union J fanfic; Baby just say yes.. by joshytheunicorn96
Union J fanfic; Baby just say Becky
  • hamblett
  • unionj
  • george
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Sunsets//NHC/The Vamps by Tradley_is_lyf
Sunsets//NHC/The Vampsby Tradley is lyf
"Life is like a journey into uncharted waters for us all. If you become preoccupied with avoiding potential pain, you will miss the glory of the sunsets on the ocea...
  • fanfic
  • sunsets
  • geroge
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We Can Work It Out ( A Beatle Fan Fiction) by Hermioneabba
We Can Work It Out ( A Beatle Hermioneabba
  • robert
  • stomach
  • paul
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