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International Combat Zone Wrestling by JCtheSnake
International Combat Zone Wrestlingby JCtheSnake
Welcome to International Combat Zone Wrestling (ICZW) not only will we have big talents here you can be trained as a wrestler as well so come on and Join us Also Shout o...
30 days - Modern Childe x Reader by cloverlyclouds
30 days - Modern Childe x Readerby cloud!! 🤍
Fate, a mysterious thing people believe in. Is this the result of me believing in it? You leaving me like everyone else? Nonetheless I'll cherish the 30 days we have lef...
Periodic Table X Reader by JimmyNeutron877
Periodic Table X Readerby Ella
This is for a good friend of mine, but it can be 'enjoyed' by anybody who is INTO the Periodic Table. Enjoy!
The Table Headcannons & Incorrect Quotes  by Lisha_Lemons
The Table Headcannons & Lisha Lemonz
Headcannons of Ben Brainard's "The Table" Series
Waiting Tables by ashtonfortherwin
Waiting Tablesby CEO of chicken nuggets
Ashton Irwin is a 20-something year old waiter, dealt a bad hand in life. He's waiting tables, and waiting for tables to turn. Things take a turn when he meets Luke He...
Mr.Kim II Kookv  by Tasmia_gurl54
Mr.Kim II Kookv by ✨tAeLiCioUs✨
kim Taehyung , the young unmarked beauty wanted by everyone who has recently joined the hanyang uni and is specially assigned to teach" the jeon jungkook" a...
The Flower of King and Knights by senseiseth
The Flower of King and Knightsby Seth
The Age of Arthur is over, for fifteen years the lands of Britannia have been subjected to wars, raids, and those who have survived are forced to endure a land of chaos...
Everyday Life of a Pervert Sofa by SEES_boy3
Everyday Life of a Pervert Sofaby Memento Mori
Sopa Divano is by no means a normal couch. He uses his status as a couch to his advantage and peeps on women(and sometimes even men)! Conveniently, he's the main sofa in...
Death of Luna (ONGOING) by LadySayans
Death of Luna (ONGOING)by Sayans
Her twin murder by her own classmate so she take revenge for her twin sister
Drug Abuse, Drug Trafficking & Addiction by _pffttt_
Drug Abuse, Drug Trafficking & _pffttt_
If anyone (by tags or any other source) sees this, YOU DID NOT!! I created this for a project and its content is taken from google and other sources. I DO NOT OWN ANY O...
Too Late by TheyreJustAllergies
Too Lateby FloridaGator
It's too late.... It has always been too late...
"Will you love me, even if I lose?" Tooru Oikawa x Reader by mmmyesfather
"Will you love me, even if I feeb
A rollercoaster of Oikawa! This fanfic is completed and finished.
♡BunnyBoo's Rant Book♡ by Lexiilexii12
♡BunnyBoo's Rant Book♡by llex🌦
The title says it all pooh🖤🔋. This is my rant book where I just talk about random things. School, myself, my boyfriend, my friends irl, my likes & dislikes literally a...
A touch of frost || chongyun x reader :) [slow update] by cloverlyclouds
A touch of frost || chongyun x cloud!! 🤍
I always knew something was missing in my life, could it be you? You worked at the Qixing but you met a soon to be friend on your way of finding lunch. Would this story...
dustale sans vs an evil table! by germthethird
dustale sans vs an evil table!by Dearie
Dust was just chilling in nightmares castle cuz why not when he heard a scream! So he went down the stairs to as Killer get stabed by the dining room table! What will ha...
Reflections of the Soul: Poetry by Konstanze
Reflections of the Soul: Poetryby Konstanze
When you're in great emotion, brainstorm happens. And when brainstorm happens, you write a reflection of your soul — poetry.
Rescuing Avalon by catalan_andrea
Rescuing Avalonby Andrea Montes
Book one: Avalon is in danger, King Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table come together to defeat Morgana, the evil sorceress who happens to be Arthur's hal...