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Two's a Handful (Vic Fuentes - Sequel to Class Dismissed) ✔️ by LexusRat
Two's a Handful (Vic Fuentes - Mouse
This is the promised sequel for Class Dismissed so if you haven't read that, go do that first. Chelsea could not have been happier with how her life had turned out... S...
  • dismissed
  • twins
  • sykes
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Insanity 》Sykes by 5_Seconds_Of_Mikey
Insanity 》Sykesby Michael Clifford
"They say you're past help" He came forward then and grabbed the tops of my arms, pinning my back up against the wall. His face inches from mine, his eyes dark...
  • asylum
  • insanity
  • sykes
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Drop Dead (Oliver Sykes/Bring Me The Horizon) *COMPLETED*  by mediagirl94
Drop Dead (Oliver Sykes/Bring Me Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Kara and Oli use to be best friends until Oli met Hannah in high school and along with the rest of the band made Kara's life hell...That was 11 years ago and...
  • fluff
  • wattys2016
  • leemalia
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Oliver Sykes imagines by KaylaPangilinan
Oliver Sykes imaginesby b.ik.0
Oliver Sykes Imagines. I can take requests just DM me or leave your request as a comment ^o^ Comment and Vote please!
  • imagine
  • sykes
  • oliver
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Oliver Sykes Imagines\fluffs\smuts by Uriediculous420
Oliver Sykes Imagines\fluffs\smutsby Beebo_Urie
Just a book of short stories about Oli.❤
  • watt
  • pad
  • oli
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Small Bump || Nathan Sykes by xBabyNathx
Small Bump || Nathan Sykesby ☺️
Eliza Grace Edwards is a famous comedian YouTube girl and photographer. Eliza is pretty much a laid back girls and just goes with the flow. On Eliza's nineteen birthday...
  • babies
  • sykes
  • unexpected
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Forbidden Love (A Nathan Sykes Fan Fiction) by swiftysgrande
Forbidden Love (A Nathan Sykes swiftysgrande
Victoria Lawson moves from London, England, leaving behind her best friend and ex boyfriend and goes to Los Angeles, California. It's her last year of high school, and m...
  • teacher
  • sykes
  • student
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Same Old Love (React Bros) by melsadriannabelles
Same Old Love (React Bros)by Melody Simpson'xo
Love [luhv] noun An emotional attachment towards another evidenced by kindness, consideration, understanding, patience, sacrifice or sufferance, if necessary, and words...
  • ryansykes
  • bert
  • bertedwards
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Oh, So This Is Fame [An Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction] by madisonjadexo
Oh, So This Is Fame [An Oliver Maddi Richter
Alisha Sparkes is a quiet girl who gets on with her life normally, as any 17 year old girl does, with her friends surrounding her and using music as her escape from the...
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
  • bmth
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Band Imagines. by hallie_darling
Band Hallie Alexis
A lovely mixture of band imagines I have written at peoples request. you can message me for a request.
  • veil
  • perry
  • tony
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Nathan Sykes Imagines/Preferences by laurrennx
Nathan Sykes Imagines/Preferencesby lauren amelia🥰
Themes on the person we all love..<3
  • sexy
  • nathansykes
  • ell
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Now I Know-Nathan Sykes fanfic by ellen_ftw
Now I Know-Nathan Sykes fanficby ellen_ftw
Nathan Sykes knew what love was. He's seen it everywhere. The only problem was when he meets someone new and falls in love, it doesn't worked out due to his fame. At t...
  • siva
  • thewantedfanfic
  • nathansykeafanfic
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Nathan and Sophie Oneshots by Drive_LikeIDo
Nathan and Sophie Oneshotsby Becky
Nathan Sykes (The Wanted) fanfiction Part of the Scarred and Left Me Like a Sunburn series. PLEASE READ Scarred and Left Me Like a Sunburn AND the sequel We Always Attra...
  • cute
  • nath
  • music
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All I See is You by Scyther67
All I See is Youby Skęłłîė
Hannah and Ryder have been together for almost 3 years when something tragic happens. She becomes severely depressed and doesn't know what to do anymore. She has pushed...
  • nicholls
  • love
  • jordan
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Fransykes Oneshots by retardontheloose
Fransykes Oneshotsby TANTRUM
this book is perfect for you if you like shitty written fransykes oneshots full of trigger warnings
  • joshfranceschi
  • boyxboy
  • icantthinkofanymoretags
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Self Destruction (Traduction Française) w/ Oliver Sykes de Bring Me The Horizon by threavens
Self Destruction (Traduction Franç Jules
*Suite de That Little Kiss You Stole* La vie pour Liliana White n'est rien d'autre qu'un cercle perpétuel de malheurs qui ne semble jamais s'arrêter. Alors qu'elle est...
  • alexandria
  • benbruce
  • asking
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Band Member One Shots: Requests Closed! by YDGN_Turtles
Band Member One Shots: Requests Jessica
  • brandon
  • vincent
  • sirens
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Adopted by The Warped Tour?! by iindiiviisiibiiliity
Adopted by The Warped Tour?!by Wilson
What happens when Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon adopts a fifteen year old orphan and all of Warped Tour falls head over heels in love with the lanky, awkward teenage...
  • color
  • sirens
  • adopted
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Possessive (Editing, On Hold) by TWloki_emidthun
Possessive (Editing, On Hold)by Emily
Lana everyone knows this beauty but guess who wants her after he seen her at a party one night. Nathan Sykes the bad boy that everyone fears, the leader of the most fear...
  • romance
  • mine
  • dark
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Nerdy Love by BrandiWiley
Nerdy Loveby Brandi Wiley
A so called popular new girl Sophie falls for the nerdy and completely unpopular geek Nathan. What will happen when she realizes her feelings? Will he find out? If so, h...
  • nathansykes
  • romance
  • drama
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