She's awake.

That's all that mattered.

Even though she went through what she had to... she still had a smile on her face.

I loved that about her!

She makes the best out of every situation.

I knew if she could make the best of this situation... then I could too!

No matter how badly I would like to hurt Ryan.

The police can deal with that once the time comes.

All I could focus on was Drew.

And never leaving that smile leave her face.

We were talking about the most random stuff.

From our tour... to which color is prettier blue or pink.

Jay never left either.

I could tell he liked her too!

Just not in the way I did.



We were having a great time.

Until she asked the question I was hoping she would wait to ask.

"How did I end up here Nathan?"

Before I answered that question...

I wanted to be fully alone with her.

I gave Jay a look and he knew what that meant.

Once I heard the door shut, I turned my head back around.

I grabbed Drew's hand and made full serious eye contact with her.


Ryan brought you here."

I saw the horrified look she had on her face.

I felt horrible.

But she needed to know the truth.

I hated to be the one to tell her..

But I was the only one that knew the truth.

"He... he hit you Drew."

Then her horrified look went from scary... to tears.

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