It was horrible!

The worst sight I have ever seen!

I have never seen Nathan like this before!

And seeing him like that, made me feel bad too!

Tom and Max were being a little insensitive.

Until Nathan just started crying.

Then they softened up.

Knowing that Siva and Nathan were at the hospital I knew things weren't going good.

Nathan is one of my best friends and I hate to see him like this!

Now I am watching Nathan lying on the hospital floor crying his eyes out.

I think by the time Nathans done crying, he's going to have no more tears left.

All I know is that in the room were in the girl that's hurt is connected to a bunch of wires and tubes.

I don't know who this girl is... and I don't know where her relationship is with Nathan.

All I know is that whoever this girl is... Nathan really cares about her!

"Its okay Nath... she's gonna be okay! Just give her a little time! She's a strong independent girl! I promise she won't leave you!"

Is all I said next to him on the cold hospital floor, Nathan was in my arms crying even more now.

I wrapped my arms around him and I just let him cry.

I kept saying positive things and trying to get his mind off of her.

I was thinking of anything possible that I know would make Nathan happy.

But anything I would try... just wouldn't help!

Even just getting a laugh or a smile or a smerk anything!

Anything other than those horrible tears.

"If you don't mind Jay... I just want to alone with her."

I didn't want to say anything I understood what he meant.

Since he was the only guy that really knew her... I understand he would want to be alone with her.

But after he's done talking to her... I promise him an Ice Age movie marathon.

Maybe his brother, Sid the Sloth will cheer him up!

If anyone can do it... it's Sid!

But before I left... all I heard was Nathan singing.

And Nathan singing these words that I knew very well!

'Hand in hand we walk together. We can make it through the stormy weather. Break down walls together. Do it all together do it all! I'll be your strength. I will, I will, I-'

And then came the tears once again.

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