I was standing there speechless.

I went over to see Drew, the girl I loved.

But then we had our first kiss, it was also her worst nightmare.

Her boyfriend, I'm guessing his name is Ryan because that's what I kept hearing out of Drew's mouth.

I just stood there waiting for Drew to get back and explain myself and maybe she will forgive me.

I didn't want to go after her, it would have just made the problems worse.

I was standing here waiting for a good 10 minutes.

I was standing around then I heard a ding go off.

That must be my phone.

I took it out of my pocket and it said I had 1 new message from Siva.

My brother.

I would have to say were by far the closest.

I tapped on the 'read now' when I heard a loud SMACK from outside.

The only people that I knew were outside were Drew and Ryan.

I better go see if everything is okay.

I left my phone on the table and started darting out the front door.

Which quite frankly, it's hard to do when your wearing skinny jeans.

Right when I stepped onto the last step of the staircase, I knew everything got from bad to worse.

All I saw was Drew on the ground and Ryan with his fist clenched next to her.

I stopped for a second and started running even faster than before.

Not only to see if Drew was okay, but so Ryan can get what he deserves.

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